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During a prank, a student stuck a paper on his classmate’s back that said “𝗜’𝗺 𝗦𝘁𝘂𝗽𝗶𝗱”, and asked the rest of the class not to tell the boy.

Thus the students began laughing on and off…

Came afternoon math class started and their teacher wrote a difficult question on the board.

No one was able to answer it except the boy with the sticker.

Amid the unexplained giggles, he walked toward the board and solved the problem.

The teacher asked the class to clap for him and remove the paper on his back. Continue reading

Why Public Schools and the Mainstream Media Dumb Us Down

In this video we examine how public schools and the mainstream media have contributed to the growth of a passive citizenry, thus paving the way for the rise of tyranny. We then look at the role anti-authoritarians play in a free and flourishing society.

Child Abuse: Masked schoolchildren are harmed physically, psychologically, behaviorally and suffer from 24 distinct health issues

A first-of-its-kind study, involving over 25,000 children, reveals that masks are harming schoolchildren in many physical and psychological ways and have a negative effect on their behavior, focus and interest in learning. These negative effects are censored from social media, under-reported by the media, and ignored by government officials. Continue reading

Walter Williams ~ An Unlikely Proponent of Secession

There’s no disputing the void that has been left behind since economist Walter Williams passed away in December. Williams had a remarkable ability to convey free market economic concepts in a way the masses could easily digest. Big shoes to fill indeed.

Walter Williams’s Sympathy toward Secession
One overlooked aspect of Williams’s work was his sympathy for the strategy of secession. It may surprise some of us that an African American could even support such an idea. The commonly touted narrative on secession, after all, is that only supporters of the secessionist old Confederacy would even think about supporting secession today. Attempts to connect secession to racism and slavery are common. Continue reading

Proud Progressive Book Banners

Leftist speech suppression isn’t happening just in social media but in K-12 education.

What does one do when one’s worldview is simultaneously vacuous and intellectually bankrupt? In today’s America, one eliminates anything that challenges it. Thus, under the banner of #DisruptTexts, radical leftists masquerading as school teachers are endeavoring to remove classic literature from school syllabuses, lest their students get exposed to ideas deemed off-limits by America’s wannabe totalitarians. Continue reading

Here’s How Your Children Are Getting Indoctrinated by Leftist Ideology

Assessment from a Former Teacher.

The left uses a combination of propaganda and suppression to push kids into the ensnaring grip of socialism and anti-patriotism. (Photo: skynesher/Getty Images)

Your children are being indoctrinated. The education system designed to teach them how to think critically has been weaponized by the radical left to push an anti-American agenda. As someone who has worked in education for four years, I have seen firsthand how your children are being ensnared by the left and their teachers. Continue reading

The Tragedy of Black Education Is New

Note: Walter E. Williams, Ph.D., a columnist, whose work was published by many websites around the nation – including those of Kettle Moraine Publications, was a Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Economics, George Mason University until his death on the day which this column was originally published. ~ Ed.

Several years ago, Project Baltimore began an investigation of Baltimore’s school system. What it found was an utter disgrace.

In 19 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, out of 3,804 students, only 14 of them, or less than 1%, were proficient in math.

In 13 of Baltimore’s high schools, not a single student scored proficient in math.

In five Baltimore City high schools, not a single student scored proficient in math or reading. Continue reading

The Orchestrated Socialist Deception While Parents Slept

As of today, our country and its government have officially turned socialist. It is painfully apparent that the American fighting spirit for “justice and the American way” was just a myth.

How have Americans accepted socialism, the lockdowns, and election fraud so easily? From a former teacher’s perspective, it was easy. The communist indoctrination and orchestrated deception run deep and go back so many decades that by the time half of the adult population has caught on, it is too late.

How were highly paid professors, public school teachers, and administrators able to mold the minds of America’s children while their parents “slept,” lulled by the expensive and convincing propaganda that America has the best education in the world? Television, Hollywood, and smart devices were the “best” baby-sitters in the world. Continue reading

K-12: What’s Our ‘Stamp Act‘?

When Will It Be Enough?

You would think we would finally take a stand when it comes to our children. You would think we would be driven by a primal need to protect. But you might think again. There is a blue bubble over the elementary school in an otherwise pleasant semi-rural community. And the children there are under the most insidious attack.

One resident revealed what had happened to his child. Minding his own business, he was randomly, physically attacked in the playground by the school bully. His child was 6, the bully was 7 or 8 years old. The bully walked up to the younger child, kicked, punched and screamed at him. His child tried to protect himself and screamed back, “Get off of me!” When the bully showed no intention of getting off or of mitigating the attack, the younger child hauled off and kicked the bully in the leg, leaving a mark. The bully fell back and started crying and wailing, dramatically and pointedly (“Ready for my close up, Mr. Demille.”) victimized. Continue reading

American Education System Has Totally Failed in One Key Area

Let’s move on from the 2020 election for a second. In four years, we’re going to have another presidential election and many more after that. In the interim years, we have the midterms. And while this cycle will continue, the Democratic Party’s leftward lurch will probably become more explicit. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wasn’t successful in clinching the Democratic nomination in 2016 or 2020. He has a following. He has a devoted base, but black Democrats in the south were the firewall against a total socialist takeover. That will not last… Continue reading

Teacher: “Stroking Egos Does Nothing for Students. Raising Expectations Does.”

Armed with a bachelor of science in elementary education, I charged into my career as a teacher. I was immediately exposed to students at three levels of public schools:

1. A rather wealthy district with an average IQ of 120.

2. A classic, middle-class school.

3. A school that is best described as a mini United Nations.

In the “UN” school, approximately 25 percent of students were new immigrants, 30-35 percent were American-born blacks, and the remainder were 40-45 percent Caucasian. The economic structure ranged from welfare to upper middle class. Continue reading

Thinking Students Rank Last on the Government School Agenda

One of my favorite field trips as a child was my annual summer visit to a one-room schoolhouse where I spent the day dressed in an old-fashioned dress and bonnet, scratching away on a slate and learning lessons out of old McGuffey Readers.

At the time, my delight in the McGuffey Readers stemmed from the fact that I was reading something that Laura Ingalls likely read, and the romance of the situation enthralled me. I am still fascinated by McGuffey Readers, but not because of their connection to Laura. Rather, I find them fascinating because of the lessons and values they imparted on generations of American children, lessons in stark contrast to those received in today’s government schools. Continue reading

Picking Up Sticks

I read somewhere that hard work is a sign of a willingness to be responsible. So typically people who are getting things done are usually getting them done for others as well as themselves. Some time ago in an interview with the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Jackson, I described myself as a man that picks up sticks. That may sound strange to most of you and it does sound a little strange to me as well. So let me explain how all of this works.

Years ago I had the privilege to attend and obtain a Scouting award called Wood Badge. The aim of this program is to make Scouters better leaders by teaching advanced leadership skills. One of those teaching skills that I particularly enjoyed was the art of “picking up sticks” or “teaching that everyone can work at any level and provide a service and that service need not be for profit of the wallet but one of the heart”. Continue reading

Homeschooling More Than DOUBLED During the Pandemic

Many families took one look at their school district’s remote or hybrid learning offerings this fall and said “no, thank you.” That’s the message gleaned from national and state-specific data on the surging number of homeschooled students this academic year.

Prior to the pandemic and related school closures last spring, there were just under two million homeschoolers in the U.S., representing about 3.4 percent of the total K-12 school-age population. According to recent polling by Education Week, that percentage has more than doubled to nine percent this fall, or nearly five million homeschoolers. This estimate mirrors related polling from Gallup in August suggesting that 10 percent of U.S. students would be homeschooled this year. Continue reading