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This is where we will find success stories – with students, teachers, families – and yes – once in awhile – a particular school, or district which has overcome adversity to provide a winning agenda. You may also find postings regarding proposals POSITIVE changes to and for the education system suggested or presented by both public and private individuals. And in the words of the song by the great Anne Murray – we are looking for a “Little Good News Today!

Oh yes… this is the place you will also find single image posts, which may be quite suggestive in nature – for both positive and/or negative effect.

Loudon: Why Parents and Grandparents Need to Teach Their Children to be Curious

More and more, children are being left by the parents for the teachers to do all of the preschool and academic training for their children. Parents and grandparents can do a tremendous amount of brain skills learning, especially at very young age and it is a great benefit for the children. If they are prepared for preschool when they are 5, then they are far ahead of the group, and experts say that these ready pre-taught children usually stay ahead of the class all the way through school. ~ M. Loudon

There is no better lifetime achievement than to teach your children or grandchildren to be curious. One of the greatest examples ever written is in the biography of Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein’s parents understood the importance of teaching their children to be curious. They began to encourage Albert by getting him enrolled in the greatest math and physics schools in Europe. But another event at the age of 10 years also had a lot of influence on Albert when his father gave him a compass. Albert was fascinated with the compass and very curious about how the needles moved and what force was moving the needles. Curiosity about the movement of the needles never left Albert and was a great inspiration in his mind for learning everything about the compass. Continue reading

House approves Parents’ Bill of Rights to give Americans more say in their kids’ education

The Republican-led House voted to pass its Parents’ Bill of Rights on Friday with zero Democrat votes after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called it ‘fascist.’ The controversial bill, which gives parents a stronger role in what’s taught in public schools, is not expected to be taken up by the Democratic-majority Senate.

Critics denounce the legislation saying it has led to book bans, restrictions aimed at transgender students and unhinged board meetings nationwide. Continue reading

The Classics Are for Everyone, Not Just Old, Dead, White Men

Yes, yes, and YES!

That was what I shouted, in the silence of my heart, when I finished Louis Markos’ online review “How Classical Education Can Liberate Black America.”

Earlier that same week, I’d read yet another account of an attack on the classics of Western civilization, the Great Books as they were once called, as racist and misogynistic. Though I can’t recollect where I saw this piece, I was once again knocked for a loop, wondering if those who were panning Aristotle and Pascal had ever read any of the writers in this canon… Continue reading

What Can Parents Do When School Isn’t Working for Their Child?

Now is often the time of year when parents begin looking into other learning options and schooling alternatives for their kids. The new school year has been in session for several weeks and some parents may be finding that bubbling issues may have reached a boiling point.

Perhaps their child isn’t a good match with his or her assigned teacher. Perhaps parent-child battles over homework have emerged. Perhaps parents see certain elements of their child’s curriculum that they dislike, or hear about various classroom practices that they find unsettling. Perhaps their child is bored or withdrawn, frustrated or irritable, anxious or depressed. Perhaps the bullying has started or worsened. Continue reading

Stansell: Might Our Storm Clouds Be Parting? A Child Shall Lead…

Last week, students at small Christian college in Kentucky gathered for their regular Wednesday chapel service. Ten days later, it has not ended. People from around the country and the world continue to join in. No matter your religion or lack thereof, THIS is an exceptional happening. More exceptional even, is that this spirit has spread to other colleges and universities. Continue reading

4 Unique Ideas for Educators Looking to Break Their Classroom Out of the Box

There are STILL some Teachers who give a damn! ~ Editor

It’s every teacher’s dream to implement a lesson plan that makes their students truly excited to learn. But in the busy life of an educator, it isn’t always easy to come up with fresh ideas that both engage and educate. If you feel like you’re in a teaching rut, you’re not alone. Here are a few ideas for shaking up your curriculum.

When kids are stuck inside for hours on end, just about everything gets to feel monotonous. Give them a different change of pace by taking your classroom outside. You can choose a lesson plan devoted to the outdoors, or simply adapt an existing lesson. For example if you’re an English teacher, have an outdoor reading session. In addition to the book you’re studying, students can practice reading aloud and learn to project their voices. Alternatively, science teachers can take students out during a windy day to discuss and experiment with the way sound travels, and how it can be affected by outside factors. Continue reading

GOOD NEWS TODAY: Parents Are Dropping Kids Out of Public School

After two years of lockdowns, masking, and related wrongs, many parents are awakening to the prospect of school choice.

It’s that time of year again… as families return from vacations, they start thinking about sending their kids back to school (if they’re not back already). But in the post-pandemic era, there’s an increasing likelihood that some parents aren’t sending their children back to the same school. In particular, data suggest that many parents have had enough with public school education altogether.

“In the past two years, a mass exodus of over 1.2 million students has left the public school system as parents seek alternative education routes, such as public charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling,” writes Marjorie Jackson at The Daily Signal. Jackson adds that some parents “believed the school’s handling of the pandemic was unsatisfactory, due to lockdowns, which inconvenienced many families, as well as masking and vaccination policies. Others were unhappy after taking a closer look at their local public school curriculum and wanted more say in what their children were learning.” Continue reading

Loudon: Twenty Reasons why Children Need to Learn…

…Discipline, Thinking Skills, Motivation, and Get Good Grades in School

Parents, Grandparents, and teachers should do everything they can to inspire and teach children to exercise their brains and get good grades in school. There are many reasons why children need help and inspiration to be taught thinking exercises, creativity, curiosity, and learning. There is an increasing need to face the increasing obstacles that will need to be overcome as they get older. Many parents, grandparents, and schools are lacking in preparing children for the many thinking and learning skills that create a curious and mentally active mind. A big challenge awaits them as they face technology and political problems as they got older.

The U.S. is not keeping up with the learning knowledge of other nations. Education is the key to motivation, learning skills, and technology which creates a higher education and greater paths that they can choose from in their future. Continue reading

People get ready…

…there’s a CHANGE a’ comin’ Don’t need no baggage – ya’ just get on board – and it is FINALLY happenin’!

For the past year and a half, Kettle Moraine Ltd. has been suffering under the worst web-site and Domain hosts, but I won’t even mention their name. Just over this past month we have been fighting these people who only seem to have representatives in Formosa – or some other foreign land. Oh sure – once in a great while i could reach someone who was helpful – but the rest of them were worthless idiots. All of this began to change on August 16 when 3 of our websites were shall we say – “brought back Home”. At this point – Le Metropolis Café is the most complete and we are so happy.

The Federal Observer seems to have cleared up it’s issues and is working just fine. Sierra Madre Precious Metals also seems to be in good shape at present, but we are watching closely. We do ask you to be patient with Dr Kelley’s VICTORY OVER CANCER, as our soon to be former host is delaying the complete transfer for reasons unknown – especially due to the fact that we made it quite clear that we expected to be transferred FIRST.

As for Le Metropolis Café Well – it’s time to get it on – and GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE PUBLIC FOOL System – and hey – if you have any questions to ask or have comments to share with us – we FINALLY have a brand new updated email at Metropolis.Café – and we invite you to contact us at your leisure. You can email us at: Edu@Metropolis.Café

Without Apology I am,

Family, Not Preschool, Is the Secret to Good Education

“I was so worried my son wouldn’t pass his kindergarten entrance exam,” one of my friends recently told me, noting that he hadn’t attended preschool.

“That is my pet peeve!” another friend sputtered at the mention of preschool. She had noticed that many schools today want to make sure kids know their letters before entering kindergarten but that the students can barely read by the time they’re ready for first grade, even when they’ve attended preschool. The kids almost seem burnt out, she observed. In contrast, she had seen firsthand how, without “professional” preschool, her young son was reading quite well by the time he finished kindergarten in their homeschool. Continue reading

The Funniest Test Answers That Only Kids Could Write

Most people remember elementary school fondly. Playing in the playground with your friends, dominating at kickball, or gossiping and giggling on the monkey bars are all memories we cherish. Some children attend school to study and develop new skills, and others are content to daydream through class until the beautiful bell tolls to signal their sweet departure. In any case, everyone who has gone through 12 years of school is sure to learn something.

Because their exam answers are so far out there, these youngsters must have had some intriguing instructors! One thing is sure: These kids have a great sense of humor. Whatever the case may be, the professors who created these assessments could not have anticipated such responses, and we are thrilled at such brilliancy.

NOTE: What you have just seen and read is the first of 76 entries on this post. You might be offended by some of them – but in some respects – many of the posts contained in this lengthy post – will show you the insanity of the education system in America today – BUT – some examples will show you that there are students who are much brighter than their teachers. Do enjoy… ~ Editor Continue reading

Bored No More: What Escaping Government Schools Can Do for Our Kids

It continually amazes me to see the proliferation of good coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly regarding its effects on the education system and the students in it. Yes, the attempt to somehow transfer the traditional classroom to an online environment was a disaster that left many students bored … but another story has emerged showing how a pandemic misfire turned into a pandemic blessing. Continue reading