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The process of re-educating our children begins HERE!

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” ~ Proverbs: 22:16

Many of us wonder why schools increasingly devote their time and attention to to meeting federal requirements even though, under the 10th Amendment to the united States Constitution, education is a state and local prerogative.

Through the 1960’s, the three top disciplinary offenses were talking, chewing gum, and running in the halls – imagine that! The top offenses in our public schools for the past few decades are murder, drug abuse, rape, abortion, suicide, gang warfare and sexually transmitted disease – and today – the teaching of sexual perversion in the classroom has crept into the fold – to name but a few.

For centuries and up to the early 1960’s, America had the most premier education system in the world, which was the envy of other nations. Our children could read and write, add and subtract, and understand basic science principals. They could also recite historic speeches given by our founding fathers as related to our Constitutional and God-given unalienable rights and freedoms. No longer is this the case…

Something IS wrong with the Education ‘Village‘ of America – the complete breakdown of America’s government controlled education system through indoctrination and Socialism. Our public school is in a “moral free-fall” and today we are truly in a public education crisis – and the government funds just keep rolling in.

Being in the seventh decade in this life, I continue to look back in awe of all of the many changes which have occurred – not just in my lifetime – but throughout history. History… something that is no longer dealt with to any degree of honesty in this nation – especially in the public education system. When did it all begin to change? When was TRUTH removed from our system? It may have left the system – but it has not left me.

I look back at my (somewhat) formative years, and to this day I can still remember the names of over 90% of my teachers. Those who I cannot remember, obviously had little impact on me. Some were neighbors, others became tutors to me in troubled areas – long after they were no longer a part of my daily life, and still others I met some years later, and were surprised that I could actually instruct them. But as with many of us, there is always one…

It was 1958 and that year I attended the Crestwood Elementary School in Northbrook, Illinois. It was this one fortuitous year that I would receive the greatest gift of my ‘formal’ education – a year to remember for many reasons – chiefly among them was my teacher – Donald Adair.

In those years, history (or Social Studies as they called it) was taught from the outset of our formative years. How many times would we learn the stories of Columbus or Magellan and the other explorers, in addition to the tales of the Sons of Liberty and the original American Revolution? But Mr. Adair took me down an entire adventuresome path when he embarked on something called ‘the Civil War’ – and nearly six-decades later I am still excited to be on my quest for TRUTH – and it all extends far beyond that period of history spanning the years 1861 to 1865.

Our children have become truly ‘damned‘ and will have little chance to truly succeed in this nation – UNLESS – the system can be overturned – and it MUST be…

Jaime Escalalante

The ‘Village‘ is the place that I would not wish to be in today. I was privileged to participate in one of the last non-socialist school systems. Hell – I don’t know – maybe it had already begun, but I had great teachers. At 74 years of age – I can still picture and name over 90% of those whose care I was placed into. What we present here includes a range of commentary by a wide range of authors, which may well not fit into other designated categories. So here we provide, well – you know – “a little of this and a little of that!“

In the words of Jaime Escalalante ~ “I tell my students, you do not enter the future – you create the future. The future is achieved through hard work.”

As the esteemed Dr. Rosemary Stein, M.D. has stated; The only way socialism has any chance in America is for the education system to push it in schools. Remember, the father of their modern education ‘Elite’ beliefs is John Dewey. Dewey was a communist, failed teacher who pushed what are now clearly failed education theories. Here is the quote of the day. “This militant crowd is comprised of uninformed and misinformed people looking at themselves as unfortunate, underpaid, underappreciated victims of capitalism, overwhelmed with jealousy that there are people who are everything they are not.” You are going to have to take ownership over the education of your children ~ Rosemary Stein, MD

For the past quarter century, I have been the “frustrated” history teacher, while broadcasting on the alternative media – but it is time once again to pay back Donald Adair and many of my other wonderful and talented educators. They would not recognize what has happened to their profession today.

Read? Johnny can’t read, write, spell add or subtract! And besides that – he can’t even think for himself! It takes a village to raise a child?

In our book, it seems that the old fashioned way of teaching Readin’, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmatic served this nation pretty well for an awfully long time. What happened? Why is it that we now have a nation of followers, instead of thinkers?

Unfortunately – I do recognize it – for what the public school system and the teaching profession has become today – centers of indoctrination.

To this end, Metropolis Café was born, to teach, to educate and to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of the ‘education’ industry – and that is what it has become.

Thank you for visiting our site and hope that you will sign up on the front page for notifications of new posts, all of which will be diverse and factual. This is a site where you’ll be able to learn just what YOUR options are as relates to public schools, private schools and home schooling. The future of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren depends on what we will bring to this site.

Oh – and by the way… when we first opened the pages of Metropolis… – our goal was to share a lot of TRUE American History – and we will continue to do so – just as we did on the Federal Observer beginning back in 2001. We invite you to introduce REAL history to your children and grandchildren through the pages of Words & Deeds – and as always – there will be much more to come.

With the exception of the above, the balance of our Education data is being retrieved and merged back to the pages of Metropolis Cafe – and when you read the words of Caruba, Longstreet, Granny (Jackie Juntti), Lynn Finney, Al Benson and others – you will be shocked as to how far ahead of the curve that they were nearly twenty years ago – but they helped to lay the Foundation for what is now the Metropolis Café on the Federal Observer.

Yet – while we will continue to offer the bad and the ugly – it is our intent to offer much of the good that is out there as well – and there IS much good – IF you just look for it.

It’s time to take our children back – but in order to do it – YOU must do MORE than read – and we will show you the what’s, why’s and wherefores.

My dedication to this endeavor, will be as much as the dedication given me by one of my elementary school teachers, who I continue to make reference to.

Let us guide our children towards creation – of the future. The time is past due for we the people to take back the responsibility of who raises and who teaches OUR children.. and with YOUR help, and the words of our contributors, we will do our best to bring your children to the world which they deserve to live in.

Thank you Mr. Adair, I’ll see you at Sundown...

Without Apology I am,