Words & Deeds

Your adversaries are composed of wretches who laugh at the rights of humanity, who turn religion into derision, and would, for higher wages, direct their swords against their leaders of their country. WE have no other choice than independence.” ~ Samuel Adams, 1776

What we begin this day, is the culmination of a nearly 20 year-long project by Kettle Moraine Publications, which includes the intellectual battle which led to the formation of the Law of the Land – our Constitution! In addition, we will be publishing those papers and proclamations which came before, including such works as the Mayflower Compact and The Articles of Confederation, some of which have been previously published in our book, AMERICA the Grand Illusion ~ BOOK I: Orphans of the Storm

You’ll note among our first postings – The Magna Charta (1215), for this is where our American Revolution began. This entirety of this project will be lengthy and arduous – as there over 700 pages of records to load (to possibly include cross-references between both the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers alone) – and hopefully our end result will provide one of the most thorough and complete dissertations of these monumental records ever published on-line – with (planned for) links connecting the ‘Point’ and ‘Counterpoint’ views of the participants and authors.

And so we come to “Words & Deeds” ~ what we hope to be an important segment of Kettle Moraine Publications – addressing the history of this experiment, which we call ‘America’ – a project, which began in the spring of 2001, and ultimately became one of the most internationally successful series of posts of the first generation Federal Observer web site beginning in October 2001. Herein will be presented the words, letters, speeches, papers and much more from it’s earliest days that made America what she was to become – before the fall.

For teachers and educators – as well as those who just want to expand their historical knowledge – we are proud to bring this project to you… and so we begin.

Join us now – as we continue to update this historical segment and moved it – back it where it began so many years ago … to the pages of The Federal Observer

~ Words & Deeds on the Federal Observer ~

Chapter I. Orphans of the Storm (1215 – 1632)

Chapter II. Birth of a Nation (1633 – 1800)

Chapter III. Growing Pains of the Republic (1801 – 1856)

Chapter IV. What God has joined… (1857 – 1869)

Chapter V. Toward New Horizons (1870 – 1931)

Chapter VI. Depression, New Deal and Beyond (1932 – 1945)

Chapter VII. Beyond Victory and Toward a New Frontier (1946 – 1963)

Chapter VIII. The Decline and Fall of the American Empire (1963 to…)