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Restoring The Original Purpose Of Schools

If you have read my past columns, listened to either my talk show, The Ron Edwards American Experience or my radio commentary The Edwards Notebook, chances are you have read or heard me declare that the government school system is the number one enemy of our republic. Years ago, when I first made that declaration, people disagreed with much vigor. Some said that I was looney for saying that, considering enemies like China, Islamic terrorists, Russia, hordes of illegal border crossers, etc. Of course, those are all major enemies. But in my opinion, none of them compare with the great enemy from within, the government school system. Since before the establishment of our great republic, there have been those in our midst who have desired to prevent the establishment of a republic where the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is recognized and honored. The reason being is that out of both Judeo and Christian principles came the wonderful concepts of unalienable rights, Liberty and Justice for all, equal opportunity and the right of self, family and property protection and much more. Continue reading

Schools Beat Earlier Plagues With Outdoor Classes… We should too!

A classroom on a ferry in New York City, circa 1915. Credit…Bureau of Charities, via Library of Congress

In the early years of the 20th century, tuberculosis ravaged American cities, taking a particular and often fatal toll on the poor and the young. In 1907, two Rhode Island doctors, Mary Packard and Ellen Stone, had an idea for mitigating transmission among children. Following education trends in Germany, they proposed the creation of an open-air schoolroom. Within a matter of months, the floor of an empty brick building in Providence was converted into a space with ceiling-height windows on every side, kept open at nearly all times. Continue reading

The Stamp Act, 1765

A Spotlight on a Primary Source by George III

King George III

On March 22, 1765, the British Parliament passed the “Stamp Act” to help pay for British troops stationed in the colonies during the Seven Years’ War. The act required the colonists to pay a tax, represented by a stamp, on various forms of papers, documents, and playing cards. It was a direct tax imposed by the British government, without the approval of the colonial legislatures and was payable in hard-to-obtain British sterling, rather than colonial currency. Further, those accused of violating the Stamp Act could be prosecuted in Vice-Admiralty Courts, which had no juries and could be held anywhere in the British Empire. Continue reading

David Crockett

The modern actor Billy Bob Thornton once said David Crockett in the film The Alamo was his favorite role. John Wayne played him, too. Every boy who grew up before the 1970s wanted to be Crockett. He was the “king of the wild frontier,” the man who wrestled bears and jumped rivers, the man with the sharpshooter’s eye who tamed the wilderness. He was larger than life; as one historian wrote, “His life is a veritable romance, with the additional charm of unquestionable truth. It opens to the reader scenes in the lives of the lowly, and a state of semi-civilization, of which but few of them can have the faintest idea.” Crockett was so popular because he was one of us, a common man without advantages who achieved great things on his own merit. He was the quintessential American. Continue reading

Natural Born Citizens: Understanding Who Can Be POTUS in a Nation Beset By Divided Loyalties

Every four years, we are reminded that the president of the United States must be a “natural born citizen.” But what does this even mean? Does it apply to everyone born in America, and is there a difference between a “native born” (one naturalized at birth by statute) and a “natural born” (one who does not require any naturalization) citizen?

That’s the thing: It’s never really been decided who is and is not a natural born citizen of the United States. In fact, there’s not even universal agreement that anyone born within the borders of the United States is a natural born citizen. Unsurprisingly, there is an ideological divide in the United States between those who believe anyone born here is a citizen and those who disagree. Continue reading

Public Education As Messiah

The adherents of public schooling in this country have always had a messiah complex. They have always sought to make that educational institution (so called) that they adhere to and promote appear to be the sole method of improving the lot of mankind. No longer are we supposed to lean on the Holy Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to show us the way to better the lives of people. We are supposed to now jettison that outmoded belief and replace it with the latest pronouncements of the public school educrats.

In his book Idols for Destruction, published way back in 1990, Herbert Schlossberg observed this messiah complex in the public education system. He stated: “From the time they began in the United States, the public schools have been intended to be a social force. Beginning with Horace Mann, they were supposed to promote the socialization of diverse peoples, end crime and poverty, and in general solve the political, economic, and social problems of the entire society. Muggeridge recalls that his father’s socialist vision included a society in which the population would be transformed through education.” Continue reading

Hey, useful idiots: Karl Marx was a racist and anti-Semite

Walter E. Williams: His devotees who destroy property also don’t care about people of color.

Most people who call themselves Marxists know very little of Karl Marx’s life and have never read his three-volume “Das Kapital.” Volume I was published in 1867, the only volume published before Marx’s death in 1883. Volumes II and III were later edited and published in his name by his friend and collaborator Friedrich Engels. Most people who call themselves Marxist have only read his 1848 pamphlet “The Communist Manifesto,” which was written with Engels.

Marx is a hero to many labor union leaders and civil rights organizations, including leftist groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and some Democratic Party leaders. It is easy to be a Marxist if you know little of his life. Marx’s predictions about capitalism and the “withering away of the state” turned out to be grossly wrong. What most people do not know is that Marx was a racist and an anti-Semite. Continue reading

John Quincy Adams signs the Tariff of Abominations

On March 19, 1828, John Quincy Adams signed legislation that would come to be known as the Tariff of Abominations. The law was one of the early dominoes that fell and eventually pushed our nation toward Civil War.

Watercolor of the U.S. Capitol (1828), by John Rubens Smith

The legislation came at the end of Adams’s single term in office. He’d been elected in somewhat unusual circumstances. The Electoral College vote did not produce a majority winner; thus, the election was pushed into a secondary procedure known as the House contingent election. Adams was selected by congressmen! His opponent, Andrew Jackson, was livid. Continue reading

George Armstrong Custer… and All That

Years ago I saw a bumper sticker for a car that said “Custer died for your sins.” I don’t know who put it out, some Indian group or what, but I felt it was a bit on the blasphemous side. Jesus Christ died to pay for my sins and then He arose from the dead on the first Easter morning. Custer had nothing to do with it, thank heaven! He would have been a pitiful savior.

Quite awhile back now someone gave me a book by Stephen E. Ambrose called Crazy Horse and Custer. The paperback version was published in 2003, so I assume a hardback version came out sometime previous to that. Continue reading

Teach Your Children

“I wrote ‘Teach Your Children’ because we have much to teach them. Conversely, I believe we as parents have much to learn from them as well. I think that Jeff Scher did a wonderful job of animating my lyrics and positioning the song in a contemporary setting.” ~ Graham Nash (2018)

I am sitting here watching this over and over and crying. I am 75 years old – this is my life. One good thing I did with my life was follow the advice in this song. Thank you for this. ~ Jim Edwards

Tutorial: Teach Your Children to Read Phonetically

As long as so many children are at home due to the Plan-demic of the Century – let us make it fun and easier for them… and who knows – you may just find that your child will have a  great time learning how to read, write and speak properly – ALL of which will make them better kids and adults as they grow up.

YUP – keep ’em out of these awful Indoctrination Centers. You will happy that you did – and someday – even they will understand – especially when they must interact with the children of Fred G. Sanford (DUMMIES!)  ~ Ed.

The Report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the President’s Message

Relates to the Affairs Between the The Confederate and United States

Wait, but doesn’t the righteous cause myth say the war was somehow “about slavery!” Doesn’t the righteous cause myth say the tariff had nothing to do with secession and war??? Doesn’t the righteous cause myth state that all this talk about tariff concerns were just a post war embellishment to cover up slavery as the cause of secession???

The Confederate Committee on Foreign Affairs regarding the cause of secession: “The tariff alone, would have been ample cause for a separation of the Southern from the Northern.” This speech was presented at Montgomery, Alabama on May 1, 1861. ~ Rod B. O’Barr
Continue reading

History Lesson on Slavery: Why There Can’t Be Slavery Reparations

When we think about racial inequality, do we blame everyone in the country, or do we research the truth?

The Democratic Party enjoys votes from the black community, the very people it tried to keep enslaved for most all of its entire history. Opposition to school choice by Democrats has kept blacks in failing schools.

Over the past few years Americans have been hearing about possibly having to pay for slavery reparations to the descendants of slaves that have long since passed. Recently to the tune of 6.2 quadrillion dollars. This article will show why said reparations will be widely voted against. Continue reading

Homeschooling for Beginners ~ and the time has come for YOU…

A superb and easy to understand program. We strongly urge you to open this video directly on You Tube and study all of the comments and the tremendous support toward this much needed program for our children… for YOUR children. ~ Ed.

Due to the current circumstances, we’ve received more questions about homeschooling than ever before. Some schools are pushing back start dates and parents that are now working remotely are starting to consider alternatives to traditional school. Maybe not forever, but perhaps long enough to take a few long RV trips and expose their kids to new places that will also enhance their overall education. For even more information and updates, check-out the homeschool blog HERE: