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Schoen: Mediocre Schools Breed Mediocre Workers

We have been reporting the failure of America’s government schools for decades. Did you know that all schools now follow UNESCO’s worldwide Common Core. You read that right: Common Core is a UNESCO program, and is supported by Microsoft. In 2004, Bill Gates entered into an agreement with UNESCO to provide software for World Wide Common Core. I call it Communist Core! Continue reading

Cesar Chavez Holiday: Honoring An American Hero

I am convinced that the truest act of courage, the strongest act of manliness, is to sacrifice for others in a totally nonviolent struggle for justice. To be a man is to suffer for others. God help us to be men! ~ Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez

March 31 is an official State holiday in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and is observed in several other States, in honor of the birth on March 31, 1937, of an extraordinary American — Cesar Estrada Chavez, the late co-founder and president of the United Farm Workers of America who became a legend in his own time in the civil rights era.

In his honor, his headquarters for the UFW, which he named “La Paz” (“The Peace”), in the Tehachapi Mountains in Keene, CA, on Highway 58 between Bakersfield and Tehachapi, is now officially the U.S. Cesar Chavez National Monument, established by the federal government. Continue reading

Communism’s Legacy: Tyranny, Terror, and Torture

The entire history of communism in the 20th century reeked of mass murder.

In August of 1993, I was invited to participate in a conference in Vilnius, Lithuania on “Liberty and Private Business.” This was less than two years after the formal disappearance of the Soviet Union as a political entity on the map of the world.

During our time there, my wife and I were offered the opportunity to be given a tour of the building that had served as the headquarters of the local KGB, the infamous Soviet secret police. Our guide was a man who had been a prisoner in its walls in the late 1950s. The most nightmarish part of the tour was the basement containing the prison cells and the interrogation rooms. Continue reading

Silent Sam: A Personal Experience

Editor’s Note: During the height of the Silent Sam protests in the Summer of 2017, Jonathan Harris went to the statue and talked with the people wishing to tear down the monument. Since the following post, Silent Sam has sadly – been removed. This is his story – and yet it is a story which offers many lessons – to both sides of an ongoing issue…

Maybe it was Southern heritage, the honor of a family name, or Christian conviction. Or perhaps I just needed to prove something to myself. More than likely, it was a combination of ingredients that motivated me to confront the social justice warriors staging a non stop sit-in below the Silent Sam statue at UNC Chapel Hill. The statue itself, depicting a student enlisted in the Confederate army, had stood for 104 years, originally erected in honor of the 50th year anniversary of the beginning of the War Between the States and paid for by fund-raises sponsored by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and university alumni.

Though the soldier depicted carries a rifle, it was nicknamed “Silent Sam” since the Canadian sculptor John Wilson purposefully did not include a cartridge box on the soldier’s belt making it impossible to fire the figurative weapon. Sam stands to this day right by the Battle-Vance-Pettigrew building facing North, a symbol of the university students who withdrew from their studies in order to protect their homes, state, and country. Continue reading

Hahvud Gets Sillier: Queer Studies Comes To Romper Room

Returning once again to the very early days of the first generation Federal Observer. My – how far ahead Fred was… but then Bahstan always did like the little kiddies. ~ Ed.

This gives new meaning to “Fruit Loops” in Kindergarten!

March 4, 2002 ~ I see in the Harvard Crimson (“Queer Studies Advances Cause” by Jessica E. Vascellaro, the Crimson, February 28, 2002), once the students’ newspaper of what was once a university, that Boston´s foremost daycare center, Harvard itself, wobbles toward adopting Queer Studies. Soon, apparently, there will be a Department. Why, you might ask, does Harvard want to study queers? It doesn’t, methinks. I suspect that the adolescents of Harvard, a category which also includes many of the students, merely want to behave disagreeably – to shock their parents or, in the case of the faculty, society. Queer Studies serves nicely. Next year it will be S&M Studies, Pedophile Studies, or a Department of Cannibalism.

On almost all campuses, the behavior of both the studentry and the professoriate is remarkably teenaged in savor. Universities are not the potting soil of maturity. The kids act like teenagers because they are teenagers. Continue reading

John Letcher, Governor of Virginia

“I received your telegram of the 15th, the genuineness of which I doubted. Since that time I have received your communication, mailed the same day, in which I am requested to detach from the militia of the State of Virginia ‘the quota designated in the table’ which you append, ‘to serve as infantry or riflemen for the period of three months, unless sooner discharged.’

In reply to this communication I have only to say that the militia of Virginia will not be furnished to the powers at Washington for any such use or purpose as they have in view. Your object is to subjugate the Southern States, and a requisition made upon me for such an object – an object, in my judgement, not within the purview of the Constitution or the act of 1795 – will not be complied with. You have chosen to inaugurate civil war, and having done so, we will meet it in a spirit as determined as the Administration has exhibited toward the South.”

John Letcher, Governor of Virginia, to Cameron, 16 April 1861

Remembering Gov. Letcher on his birthday, born March 29, 1818.

John Dewey’s Dunces

Ellis Washington exposes ‘Marxist propaganda factories called public schools

A new untruth is better than an old truth. ~ Justice O.W. Holmes

Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent. ~ John Dewey

Conservative intellectual Dr. Thomas Sowell, in a recent column, “Teaching Americans to hate their country,’” made the historical observation about how 100 years ago progressives like John Dewey of Columbia University changed the American education paradigm whereby teachers were no longer considered “the transmitter of society’s culture” (as they have been for roughly the past 6,000 years) but activist “agents of [progressive, socialist] change,” as evidenced by the way most Americans have been happily educated inside its Marxist propaganda factories called “public schools.” Continue reading

Community devastated after 10-year-old dies following classroom fight

WALTERBORO, SC – Flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals were left in front of a Colleton County elementary school where investigators say a fight in a classroom led to the death of a 10-year-old girl two days later.

Raniya Wright, a fifth-grade Forest Hill Elementary School student, died at the Medical University of South Carolina Wednesday morning.

Newly released reports by investigators state emergency crews responded to the elementary school on Monday after deputies responded to a report of a student collapsing. The Colleton County School District said Wright had been injured during a fight in the classroom. Continue reading

Federal Report Finds U.S. Department of Education a Massive Failure

A new report raises questions about how the U.S. Department of Education monitors the performance of its wide-ranging elementary and secondary education programs.

The department currently receives $38 billion for its major K-12 education programs. Yet the assessment says those programs are plagued by “complex and persistent” challenges, many of which have been identified previously, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), the official “congressional watchdog” charged with ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently. Continue reading

It Is Time For The Government School Cabal To Pay The Piper

Ever since the forlorn days of John Dewey, leftists have been feverishly working to politically destroy the United States of America. Mr. Dewey and his like minded followers understood, in order to change the United States into a lesser nation under international dominance, Americans would have to be weened off of the principles that made her great. So, the gradual turning away from solid school education toward globalist-oriented indoctrination began. The evil father of the indoctrination system of government schools producing misguided fools began in earnest in the later half of the nineteenth century.

One has to ask, did Dewey and his fellow haters of God and liberty have the right to engage in their dastardly mission to destroy our exceptional nation way of life. Personally, I don’t think so, but they were most certainly allowed to have their merry way to seriously infect American education with a litany of practices to harm our republic. Think about it. Today almost half of American students hate God. They are also are willing to take on the mantle of socialism, despite the horrors of it displayed in our hemisphere via Venezuela. Continue reading

Forgotten Virtue: The Baseball Hero Nobody Knows

NOTE: The following post has nothing to do with ‘Education’ per se – other than that of a life-lesson. The subject and message of the article is well worth a place in ‘Profiles.’ ~ Ed.

Gil Meche

His career stats indicate that he was a mediocre baseball pitcher – perhaps the epitome of mediocrity: 84 wins; 83 losses; a 4.49 Earned Run Average; a Walks-plus-Hits-to-Innings-Pitched ratio of 1.42. Yet Gil Meche, who played for the Seattle Mariners and Kansas City Royals, was responsible for one of the most astounding, yet almost unnoticed, acts of virtue ever committed by a sports figure.

In the winter of 2011, Mr. Meche, then with the Royals, voluntarily retired from the game, foregoing the final $12 million on his multi-year contract. Mr. Meche was injured and would have sat out the 2012 season while receiving paychecks. Continue reading

On Loving Bookstores…

Growing up in a small but well-to-do Kansas town, I had access to several local bookshops – used and new – in grade school. Every bookstore offered joys, mysteries, and delights. Rarely have I walked into one and not found some kind of treasure.

A few weeks ago, while lecturing for a Hillsdale College event in Boise, Idaho, I visited the local Barnes and Noble on Milwaukee Street. It had been at least fifteen to twenty years since I’d last visited that particular store. Wave after wave of nostalgia flowed over me as I opened the front door and walked in. I knew the layout immediately, and, even more powerfully, I knew the smells. The scents of slick magazines, pulpy books, and thick coffee. This was, you see, the very first Barnes and Noble bookstore I had ever visited. Continue reading

Thanks To Public Schools, Socialism Is On The Rise

To quote founding father Thomas Jefferson, “The Constitution of the United States is the result of the collected wisdom of our country.” He also said about America, “With all the imperfections of our present government, it is without comparison the best existing or that ever did exist.”

Statesman Daniel Webster made the claim, “Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6,000 years may not happen again.” Continue reading

U.K. Schools Are Removing Analog Clocks From Exam Rooms Because Kids Can’t Read Them

Coming SOON to America ! if it hasn’t already happened! ~ Ed.

In the age of Fortnite, most of what we do is now on a screen. Whether it’s checking Twitter, watching Netflix, or even doing homework. And that’s had quite a drastic effect in the United Kingdom, where teachers are now installing digital clocks in exam rooms because their children are having a difficult time reading analogue clocks and knowing how much time they have left during stressful exams.

Malcolm Trobe, deputy general secretary at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), told The Telegraph that students below the age of 18 have become accustomed to using digital devices, and as such, a digital clock. Continue reading

Whistleblower Explains How Education System Targets ‘Resistors

I was taught really how to con the community.” ~ Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Charlotte Iserbyt

Charlotte Iserbyt has a long history of work with the U.S. Department of Education as a former policy advisor during the Reagan administration, as well as having worked for local school districts. In her seminal book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, she tells the story of how her interest in educating children was overshadowed by the dark truth of the modern education system, and the top-down plan to overhaul education to achieve statist aims. Continue reading

Florida Eliminates the Common Core ~ Once and for All

FLORIDA REPUBLICAN GOV. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order Thursday that officially eliminates any lasting vestige of the Common Core State Standards — a set of academic benchmarks that most of the country adopted before becoming the standards became a political lightning rod.

“I have heard parents from across the state loud and clear and they all agree that it’s time to finally end Common Core,” DeSantis said in a statement. “Our executive order today aims to ensure that Florida has the best academic standards in the nation and we eliminate Common Core.” Continue reading

New Jersey lawmakers want schools to stop teaching ‘Huckleberry Finn

First the statues, then the books ~ soon the history will be erased! ~ Ed.

Two African-American members of the state Assembly have introduced a non-binding resolution calling on school districts in New Jersey to remove “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn“ — widely acclaimed as one of America’s greatest literary works — from their curricula.

There has been a decades-long debate over teaching the book, which was written by Mark Twain in the 1880s. Though filled with what many academics see as anti-racist and anti-slavery themes, “Huckleberry Finn” presents an unvarnished depiction of the antebellum South and includes use of the the n-word more than 200 times. Continue reading