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Something is terribly wrong with the Education ‘Village‘ of America – the complete breakdown of America’s government controlled education system through indoctrination and Socialism. Our children have become truly ‘damned‘ and will have little chance to truly succeed in this nation – UNLESS – the system can be overturned. Sorry Hillary, but the Village thing hasn’t worked so well – for the children of America. Welcome to the ‘Village‘ – where first we learn, and then we teach!

This category was so-named because of then First Lady, Hillary Clinton’s comment, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In addition to my feelings that our children are truly ‘damned‘ as long as this system is allowed to continue.

The ‘Village‘ is the place that I would not wish to be in today. I was privileged to participate in one of the last non-socialist school systems. Hell – I don’t know – maybe it had already begun, but I had great teachers. At 71 years of age – I can still picture and name over 90% of those whose care I was placed into. What we present here includes a range of commentary by a wide range of authors, which may well not fit into other designated categories. So here we provide, well – you know – “a little of this and a little of that!“

As the esteemed Dr. Rosemary Stein, M.D. has stated; The only way socialism has any chance in America is for the education system to push it in schools. Remember, the father of their modern education ‘Elite’ beliefs is John Dewey. Dewey was a communist, failed teacher who pushed what are now clearly failed education theories. Here is the quote of the day. “This militant crowd is comprised of uninformed and misinformed people looking at themselves as unfortunate, underpaid, underappreciated victims of capitalism, overwhelmed with jealousy that there are people who are everything they are not.”You are going to have to take ownership over the education of your children ~ Rosemary Stein, MD

In the words of Jaime Escalalante ~ “I tell my students, you do not enter the future – you create the future. The future is achieved through hard work.”

Let us guide our children towards creation – of the future. The time is past due for we the people to take back the responsibility of who raises and who teaches OUR children.. and with YOUR help, and the words of our contributors, we will do our best to bring your children to the world which they deserve to live in. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Kettle Moraine Publications

Schools Aren’t Teaching the Fundamentals ~ and It Shows

Republican lawmakers in Indiana are taking steps to ensure that kids who can’t read well don’t advance prematurely to the next grade.

The state’s literacy rates have been on the decline since the 2014-15 school year, with a six-point fall between the 2018-19 and 2020-21 school years. Micah Clark, director of the American Family Association in Indiana, says the COVID crisis “really highlighted how kids have fallen behind.” Continue reading

Meet Joe Black ~ ‘Ambassador for the game and life’

~ Foreword ~

                        Joe Black – when I knew him. ~ J.B.

I hadn’t seen Joe for about two and a half months and wondered why. Now I know the answer as to why.

I acquired my private mail box on Shea Boulevard in 1996 and while most of the folks remained private for one reason or another, I was soon introduced to Joe Black – for the second time in my life.

The first was in 1955, when I was seven years old and was just learning about the national pastime. I spent summers in Eagle, Wisconsin – I was a Milwaukee Braves fan – County Stadium was my ‘home away from home’. Joe Black left the Brooklyn Dodgers that year and signed on with the Cincinnati Red Legs – and brought with him quite a legacy – the first black pitcher to bring his team a pennant. Joe spent the rest of his life bringing the winning pennant home to whatever endeavor he tackled.

I never broke bread with the man – but we broke the silence of two people with little in common – and I never asked him for his autograph. May you rest in peace sweet man.

Without Apology I am,

‘Ambassador for the Game and Life’

Legendary Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Joe Black died of prostate cancer Friday morning at the age of 78, passing away at an aftercare facility in Scottsdale.

“At moments like this, when we’re worrying about other things within the game, it really doesn’t mean too much,” Commissioner Bud Selig said. “I’ve known Joe Black a long time. He loved the game and was so willing to always be helpful. He was one of those rare individuals who was willing to give of himself unconditionally. You just don’t find people like that, especially in professional sports.” Continue reading

Parents Baffled by Homework Question About Apples and Paint Aimed at Six-Year-Olds

A parent posted their six-year-old’s maths question online concerning apples and paint and it was so baffling that one person labelled it a ‘weird sphinx riddle’ – can you solve it?

How well do you remember your school maths? (Getty Images)

For some people, school brings back blissful memories while for others it conjures up painful visions of obscure homework questions night after night. The good news is that those days are over – unless you now have children yourself who want help with their latest homework assignment, of course. Continue reading

Mathematics, reading skills in unprecedented DECLINE in teenagers

I love Paris in the Springtime, I love Paris in the Fall, I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles, I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles…” – but their education system is failing –  as well! ~ Editor

Teenagers’ mathematics and reading skills are in an unprecedented decline across dozens of countries and COVID school closures are only partly to be blamed, the OECD said on Tuesday in its latest survey of global learning standards. Continue reading

School Discipline – Going From Baaaad to Worse

One of the founders of Moms for Liberty is blaming the infiltration of critical theory into America’s classrooms for the existence of what she considers discriminatory and divisive disciplinary policies.

Public schools in Portland, Oregon, must take certain things into account when they discipline students. Portland Public Schools will now require staff to consider the race, gender identity, and sexual orientation when disciplining a student who gets in trouble.

Fox reports this policy is the result of a collective bargaining agreement between Portland Public Schools and its teachers. The policy says the superintendent or designee will review disciplinary disparities apparent by the race, gender, special education status, etc. Now, repeated disruptive behavior from a student will get addressed with a “support plan.” Continue reading

Did Lockdowns Finish Off Public Schooling?

We moved to a good school district. The area was growing. Built for families like ours, all of the public schools in the area received “A” or “8/10” ratings. There were two very expensive and very fancy private schools in the area. It was an idyllic place to raise children.

In retrospect, we had a few frustrations with the public schools. Some of the curriculum seemed ridiculous, the math in particular. The apps used to communicate with the teachers were barely functional. It was somewhat difficult to track what the kids were learning, but the teachers had no complaints, so we didn’t make any either.

In March 2020, the world changed. Continue reading

The No. 1 Thing Parents Are ‘Completely Forgetting’ to Teach Their Kids Today

As the founder and CEO of As the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, I’ve spent decades working with parents and educating students from underserved communities. I am also a mom to three kids.

Many parents put a lot of focus into teaching their kids about cleaning their rooms, acting responsibly and doing homework. These things are important, but there’s one thing that many of us are completely forgetting about: HOW TO ENJOY LIFE!
Continue reading

Randi Weingarten Gets Educated About Exactly Who Is to Blame for the Rise in Homeschooling

The American Federation of Teachers union boss shared an article on ‘What’s behind the increase in homeschooling’

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten got more than she asked for after she posted an article about the rise in homeschooling in America on social media Sunday.

“What’s behind the increase in homeschooling,” Weingarten posted on X along with an article with the same title from Axios, which included experts attributing the rise to kids needing specialized services and the pandemic.

Some X users, however, blamed Weingarten and the agenda the AFT has pushed for in education. Continue reading

Far Left Alarmed Home Schooling on the Rise, Which Should Set Off Alarm Bells at Every Kitchen Table

New figures confirm home schooling is rocketing in popularity but a home school advocate warns that means an unhappy government will try to smash its independent-minded competitor.

The Washington Post this week reported on eye-opening school data from 32 states and Washington, D.C. Its findings show home school students have increased by 51% since the 2017-2018 school year, defying predictions that most families would return to public schools after COVID-19 restrictions went away.

The increases are especially high in states with large urban centers but not limited to those states.

California’s five-year increase in home schooling is 78%, New York’s is 103%, and Washington, D.C.’s figure is 108%, according to the Post.

Citing the National Center for Education Statistics, the Post said the number of home schooling children has jumped from 1.5 million before the COVID pandemic to as many as 2.7 million during the current school year. Continue reading

Vigilance Is Not Optional: Be Wary of Your Local Public Schools

Parents once looked forward to having their children reach the age of five. At that time, children enter kindergarten, usually a half-day session either in the morning or in the afternoon.

At age six, children enter the first grade with school hours, something on the order of 8:00 a.m. to 2:15 or 2:30 p.m. Parents did their business while ensuring that the children were dropped off and picked up at appointed times.

There was little or no concern about what transpired during the school day as long as nothing happened out of the ordinary. Every now and then, somebody skinned a knee during recess. Or someone got ill during the day and had to go home. Most days, however, were uneventful. Your little ones were learning the ABCs, simple arithmetic, American history, and a few things about society in general… and THEN:
Continue reading

OPINION: Dear Parents – Please Stop Asking Teachers To Give Your Kids Homework

Say WHAT???

If your kid’s teacher isn’t assigning homework, it’s for a good reason.

If I could change one thing about my past teaching, it would be homework. As in, I would never assign it. I’m just not convinced that the positives outweigh the negatives, and I’m not alone. Many teachers (even entire districts) are getting on the no homework train. Not everyone agrees, and some of the most vocal opponents of homework bans are parents. In fact, many parents seem to positively associate homework with teacher and/or school quality. I have school-age kids, and I can understand the discomfort around uprooting tradition.

But since when has “that’s the way we’ve always done it” been a good reason to continue with a practice? Fellow parents, it’s time to take a long, hard look at homework. Continue reading

Why Schools Are Ditching Spelling Tests

Gone are the days of memorizing a word list and taking weekly spelling tests. Recently, an emerging trend has been observed across schools nationwide, moving away from traditional spelling tests. This shift in approach raises questions about the value these tests and how they actually work. Teachers are recognizing the limitations of spelling tests and exploring alternatives. Continue reading

Benson: Exercises In Futility

Almost half a century ago now, when the textbook protest in Kanawha County was going on, at one of the school board meetings there, one of the school board members was caught in a blatant lie in some of his remarks and someone attending the meeting called him on it. The school board member, caught in the act, just laughed and continued on with his remarks.

He was not there to shine the light of truth on anything. He was there to lie to the parents about what the public schools in Kanawha County were doing to their kids. At that point, the Kanawha County School Board had one honest member on it – Alice Moore – who tried to do what was right for both parents and children. The rest of the school board wasn’t, to put it bluntly, worth spit! Continue reading

Gallup Poll Reveals Americans’ Plummeting Confidence in Public Schools

Learners at Life Rediscovered PHOTO: Ada Salie

Americans have soured on public schools. That’s the takeaway from Gallup polling results released earlier this month showing that Americans’ confidence in public schools is at a low point, with only 26 percent of respondents indicating a “Great deal/Fair amount” of confidence in that institution.

Indeed, public schools join three other institutions that are also at or tied with their record lows, including the police, large technology companies, and big business. Along with the presidency, public schools are now among the most politically polarizing institutions in the US. Continue reading

Millions of Kids Are Missing Weeks of School as Attendance Tanks Across the US

When in-person school resumed after pandemic closures, Rousmery Negrón and her 11-year-old son both noticed a change: School seemed less welcoming.

Parents were no longer allowed in the building without appointments, she said, and punishments were more severe. Everyone seemed less tolerant, more angry. Negrón’s son told her he overheard a teacher mocking his learning disabilities, calling him an ugly name

Her son didn’t want to go to school anymore. And she didn’t feel he was safe there.

He would end up missing more than five months of sixth grade. Continue reading