Common Core: The Road to Planetary Serfdom

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” ~ Proverbs 22:6

Author Alex Newman’s first experience with American government education, having grown up abroad, was when he moved back to Florida and attended the University of Florida. When taking a course in American History he found that it was being taught by a raving feminist. Instead of teaching the class American history, they learned about the history of feminism and Marxism.

Overwhelmed with his experience, Newman searched the internet and found out about conservative educator and leader Phyllis Schlafly.

Newman shared his findings at Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Council XLVIII, September 13 – 15, at the Marriott St. Louis Airport, Saint Louis, Missouri. Continue reading

Colorado Middle School Banned Phones 7 Years Ago. They Say Students Are Happier, Less Stressed And More Focused

A student at Mountain Middle School, a public charter school in Durango, Colo, puts her phone away before entering the building for the school day on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019. [Chris Neal/Shooter Imaging]

Teachers at Mountain Middle School in Durango knew they had to do something. La Plata County had one of the highest teen suicide rates in Colorado and the school wanted to be a truly safe space.

One of the first things that came to mind — a cell phone ban. So, seven years ago, that’s what they did. Continue reading

Slavery ~ the Issue That Wasn’t THE Issue

I’ve decided that with all the talk and action (both positive and negative) these days concerning Confederate monuments that I want to talk about the reasons for the secession of the Southern States from the Union and the causes for which each side was willing to go to war. I suppose that a large part of the desire to write about these causes is the fact that the Political Leftists (including hate groups like ANTIFA) seem to believe (or, like Lincoln, need others to believe) that the South seceded for the sole purpose of preserving the institution of Slavery on the continent of North America, and that the “Civil War” was waged upon the South for the express purpose of abolishing that same abhorrent institution. Now, I’ll not deny that slavery was indeed an issue at the beginning of that war, but it was a minor one, and I’ll explain that statement here in a little bit, but first I want to address the two major causes for which each side, politically speaking, was willing to pit American against American, brother against brother, and father against son in what I’ve decided to call (from now on) the War of the American Republics. I should also say that I will be the first to admit that I am writing with bias; that being said, it doesn’t mean my facts aren’t accurate. Continue reading

Benson: Columbia University and the Marxists

I have written about this before, but repetition does no harm to the truth, in fact, it should reinforce it. The Frankfurt School, originally from Frankfurt, Germany, was the birthplace of what we refer to as cultural Marxism, a brand of Marxism that took that plague upon humanity to a whole new level.

An article from August 12, 2016 on Zero Hedge noted some of this. It stated: “In 1930, the school changed course under new director Max Horkheimer. The team began mixing the ideas of Sigmund Freud with those of Marx, and cultural Marxism was born. In classical Marxism, the workers of the world were oppressed by the ruling classes. The new theory was that everyone in society was psychologically oppressed by the institutions of Western culture. The school concluded that this new focus would need new vanguards to spur the change. The workers were not able to rise up on their own.” Continue reading

Why ‘Uncomfortable’ Books Like ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Are Precisely the Ones Kids Should be Reading

Another book has made the infamous “banned books” list.

The public school district in Biloxi, Mississippi decided to pull To Kill a Mockingbird from the eighth grade reading curriculum this year because, district officials said, “There is some language in the book that makes people uncomfortable.”

If the language in To Kill a Mockingbird makes thirteen-year-olds “uncomfortable,” then I assume the school district is also insisting they stay off Twitter and never listen to rap music.

Thankfully, this action angered many observers because the majority of people who have encountered the book understand its value. If you haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird, you should drop everything and go read it right now. It’s a fantastic piece of literature (as well as an incredible movie starring Gregory Peck) written by Pulitzer Prize winner Harper Lee, but more importantly, it teaches moral lessons that are still relevant today. Continue reading

Mike Rowe Says Death of Shop Class Is Why Country Has $1.6 Trillion in Student Debt

“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe said in a Thursday interview that the death of shop class is to blame for the country’s $1.6 trillion in student loan debt.

Rowe joined Stuart Varney on Fox Business to discuss his new book, The Way I Heard It, and was asked why there are “seven million unfilled jobs in our country.” Continue reading

Haille’s Comet

Tonight I learned a valuable lesson of what I have long suspected about the failure of education in this nation, both within the Government system – and at home.

As I do several nights a week, I left my office and drove over to a Denny’s which I frequent. What – for the food? No – for the company of a good number of the staff who work at this store. From the cooks to several of the managers and those who I refer to as “my girls.’ Lulu, Ryleigh, Yaselyn and Haille – my Native American friend.

Haille is a young student in College and she was sharing with me tonight the insanity of her “English” class. The instructor has assigned a series of topics to individual students having little to do with the education of “the language.” Haille was assigned “race relations,” while another student was assigned the topic of “global warming.” Continue reading

Student: What White Privilege Lessons Did to My High School

Owen Rickert

During my last year in high school, all seniors were required to write a speech about the topic of their choice and present this speech to the student body and faculty. My essay, titled “Division”, dealt with how identity politics ruined the last few years at the high school that I attended. It was summarized well here.

In the weeks following the presentation of my speech, I remember being asked what led me to choose the topic, a topic of which could very likely lead to ridicule and even hostility from those listening. What defining moments compelled me to challenge the way in which I was being taught? Also, did I receive any backlash from my essay? Continue reading

Benson: Marxist Educational Indoctrination and White Privilege

Chapter I: Who Gets to Teach Us Our History – and do they have an agenda?

Those among us that follow history long ago came to the conclusion that much of what we were taught as “history” really wasn’t. Much of it was propaganda parading as history. Much of it ended up compromising the truth in order to present to us a world view that was neither historical or accurate and which was intended to lead us down a historical garden path.

It is impossible for us in our day to have a correct historical world view if what we have been taught as history turns out to be inaccurate – and the inaccuracy often turns out to be on purpose. Unknowing inaccuracy can be excused. Willful inaccuracy is treason to the truths of history. Continue reading

Clearing up the confusion about Marbury v. Madison

It is true that the Constitution does not expressly say that the federal courts have the power to strike down acts of Congress which are unconstitutional.

What Article VI of the Constitution does say, however, is that (a) the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and (b) judicial officers (among others) are under Oath to support the Constitution.

So what are the logical implications of the foregoing? That when an act of Congress violates the Constitution, and the issue is brought before a court in a lawsuit, it is the sworn duty of the Court to side with the Constitution and against Congress. Continue reading

Living and Dying In Wars: One Life to Give

Honor the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Men have fought and died in countless wars throughout the ages, and nothing much changed in that respect with the modern world in the 20th century, that saw two world wars and countless conflicts waged by our men and women, alongside America’s allies. Towards the end of the 20th century and on into the 21st century, the wars and conflicts remain just as hard fought, murderous, terrible and bloody and deadly, as we were drawn into new wars in the Middle East by the Islamic attack on America on September 11th 2001. As time continues on without many of us, it is unlikely that the fact of war as part of life will ever depart from our descendants or from this world, so long as evil men exist and wish to impose tyranny on the righteous, autonomous, self-determining free born men and women of the world. Continue reading

Out of the Past: A Crisis As Millions Of Students Abused By Teachers

The following was reported over five years ago, but what has changed within the public and private school system in America has grown tragically worse than the following report. ~ Ed.

Education: For a parent, the headline couldn’t be more alarming: “Teacher of the Year accused of molesting student, charged with 5 felonies.” It’s a story that, tragically, is all too common — and all too underreported. Why?

We’ve all heard of the Catholic Church child abuse scandal that’s still regularly covered, 20 to 40 years after much of the abuse took place. It too was tragic, and acknowledged as such by the church, which has taken action to prevent its ever happening again.

The same can’t be said of unionized public education — where child abuse appears to be rampant, often with little done about it and with teachers unions largely silent. It gets little national media attention — certainly not on the scale that the church scandal did. (NOTE: The image to the left is of Alexandria Vera, the 24 year old teacher who was impregnated by a 13 year old student. ~ Ed.) Continue reading