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For these past many years, this author and publisher have tackled many issues, which are of paramount concern to all freedom loving Americans; gun control (the 2nd Amendment), the illegal invasion of this nation (immigration), spirituality (not religion or ‘churchianity, Health Care, the intrusion on our privacy and rights (NSA and complete violation of ALL of the original Bill of Rights) – and so many more issues, which we are not prepared to devote a column to at this time, BUT…

What we are going to devote the Metropolis Café to – is the sorry state of what was once our greatness – the ‘education’ system in America, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I have stated on the air for years, that we really cannot facilitate change in Washington – unless we begin to cause change at home – in our neighborhoods, our towns, cities, ‘burbs and villages. Let’s not forget the counties and states – BUT most importantly – our school districts.

NOTE: This column was originally published on the Federal Observer, December 9, 2013 with slightly modified content. It was subsequently republished on Metropolis.Cafe on February 6, 2017. ~ J.B.

You no longer have children going to school? So what! What about your grand children? Don’t have any? So what? AMERICA has its future going to these dens of iniquity – these indoctrination camps – and the future of this nation WILL rest in their hands. Which way do you want it go?

~ The Challenge ~
Many politicians get their start by getting elected to the local school board. It shall be your responsibility to begin attending each and every Board meeting in your district – elementary, middle school and high school. Take your pick!

Get acquainted with each of the Board members and find out where they stand on each of the issues being presented – and beware – they are up to some sneaky and self-serving things these days. Pay attention to each and every word said – but most importantly – what is NOT being said. Slowly and carefully – without belligerence – begin to make yourself heard, through well thought out questions – and have the proper responses. Find out who sits on that board that seems more interested in the children than in their own political advancement and the almighty $$$. Garner that person’s support. Oh – by the way – become VERY familiar with the local and state open meeting laws – and be prepared to challenge violations of same as the rules appear to be getting ‘bent.’

When you feel ready – be prepared to run for the office of an upcoming vacancy – or against those whose interests seem to be self-serving.

… and do NOT tell me that you “don’t have the time“, or that it’s “someone else’s job

And now, enter the world of my pet peeve… the failing school system (indoctrination) of our youth – better known as the American FEDucation system.

Without Apology I am,


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