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For many – THIS is the one singular option that is available. It is not for everyone, as there may be family and/or other issues which would prevent this option – however – think back – at one point in time – our parents were teaching us at home – from the very beginning. In the early days of this nation – all of the teaching was done at home. If one has concerns for the future of their children – THIS is where you SHOULD be looking.

Why I Love Homeschooling Our Eight Kids

This year I will graduate my first homeschooler. It seems like only yesterday I was teaching our oldest child to read, and now she’s an adult taking college courses. For the last 14 years I’ve been knee-deep in educating our eight children, recently as many as five grade levels at a time, in a one-room schoolhouse style approach. Sometimes it has felt more like being in the trenches – overwhelming and chaotic – but as my older children daily demonstrate, homeschooling is a great way to educate children and grow them into intelligent, connected, focused, happy adults. Continue reading

Two Moms Create a Forest School and Reach Thousands

We want to be as big as Boy Scouts, be that kind of a household name.” ~ Barefoot University Co-founder, Madeleine Braden

It was a cool, muddy morning in March when I pulled into the empty parking lot of a sprawling forest and nature preserve about 40 miles outside of Fort Worth, Texas. Soon, cars began arriving, filled with exuberant children of all ages, and their parents, who were ready to spend a few hours together in the woods. Donned in rain boots and parkas, these nearly three-dozen nature-goers were part of Barefoot University, a rapidly expanding national network of forest school programs for homeschoolers that was founded by Madeleine Braden and Amber Brown in 2019. Continue reading

…The insanity will not end…

Get your children OUT of the System – NOW

Parents Urged to Flee Public Schools, Rescue Kids From ‘Poison’
Plenty of children these days are so obsessed with having internet access that they will It’s not a question of if – not even a question of when. Michele Bachmann says parents should withdraw their children from public schools immediately!

Keep them at home…

Trust between schools and parents has been irreversibly damaged, the former U.S. congresswoman and 2012 presidential candidate said last week during an interview on the “Understanding the Times” radio program – adding: “Our school system is completely gone now.”

Whether it’s the mission to teach Critical Race Theory as fact or the full embrace of the gender dysphoria movement, Bachmann – now dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University – says America’s public schools have set themselves up as the sole authority on social issues involving their students… (Continue to full article)

These Government Indoctrination Centers We Refer To As ‘Schools‘
One government indoctrination center in Vermont has decided to eliminate the words male and female from the 5th grade curriculum. Students can’t use the words boy and girl in school because, after all, this school is in the process of becoming woke, and using such antiquated terms as boy and girl omits the other 126 sexes some flaky scientists and politicians have only recently informed us are now in existence.

How many other public schools are like this one nationwide? More than you’d like to think about. But you’d better start thinking about it because the Theology of Woke will be coming to a public school near you if it’s not already there.

In the April 10th issue of the New American magazine a homeschooling dad commented on what he learned about public schools after he removed his son from one. He observed… (Continue to full article)

The Real Reform of Education

Unlike any other point in the prior four decades, the push to reform the education system through school choice has serious political support and is likely to be passed in many states in the coming years.

Over time, education reformers have met with success in showing how the education system, despite sucking up ever more taxpayer funds, has declined so precipitously that many teachers and schools fail to achieve the mission of educating America’s youth. Far too few of America’s youth can read, write, or perform math anywhere near what’s needed for them to fully engage in American society. Continue reading

Homeschooling IS an American Tradition

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams and Teddy Roosevelt: What do these American Presidents have in common? They were all homeschooled.

When we think about traditional education in America we tend to think of public schools, classrooms, and a one-size-fits-all curriculum designed to educate the masses quickly and efficiently. This type of education is not only inefficient, but inconsistent with the very essence of what it is to be American. Being an American means having freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and the opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Public education offers the antithesis of these values and has, since its origins, been a means of indoctrinating its students with whatever values the leaders of the time wanted to pass on. Continue reading

Benson: “When You Reach For The Money The Handcuffs Go On!”

The state of Utah has a new homeschool voucher law which is supposed to help homeschool families with educational expenses. At least that’s what we’ve been told. The ink was hardly dry on the legislation before some were concerned that it could be used by some homeschool groups to possibly promote neo-nazi and white supremacy propaganda. It seems such happened someplace in Ohio and some Utah parents were concerned that could happen in Utah. And I expect this concern was genuine on the part of some parents.

I suppose this concern will eventually lead to some do-gooder proposing that Utah enact some legislation that will act as guidelines forced on those who take any state money–and forced on all homeschoolers if they feel they can get away with that! Continue reading

Benson: Parents Majoring In The Minors

Depressed boy sitting on floor & holding his head. Frustrated with exam pressure.

Articles about the horrible quality (on purpose) of what passes for education in public schools have become so prevalent that people now tend to take this inferior education for granted and so are tempted to just ignore it.

We recently were informed that some schools are now ending their honors programs so they can promote “equity” (racism). It seems that lots of the white kids do well in the honors programs so that now must cease and we must begin to enforce a stultifying conformity, a “one size fits all” program they have mislabeled as “equity,” The concept of “equity” has trumped any idea of real education–but, then, real education has not existed in public schools for generations anyway. Continue reading

Parents are 100 Percent Qualified to Homeschool Their Children

Get your children OUT of the System – NOW

For seven years, I slogged through the public school system before my parents made the decision to homeschool. At the time, I couldn’t understand why they were so concerned about making the switch.

Frankly, I wasn’t learning anything in public school, so from my perspective, it couldn’t get any worse. Only later, when I asked my parents about their thought process, did I learn how much propaganda there is against homeschooling.

The core of this propaganda is the idea that parents are unqualified to teach their kids. After all, public school teachers are required to have a degree and license. Continue reading

Adventures in Homeschooling Open Up New Possibilities

The threat of mandatory temperature checks and mask wearing in schools has some parents at the tipping point, where they start to plot a future with tutelage of their kids moved firmly under their supervision and roof. This was preceded by evidence of extreme liberal agendas being added to curriculums in some states, where traditional notions of sexuality and gender are being challenged or overturned completely. Divisive and disturbing statements made by academics from elite universities on race and gender have further undermined confidence in the educational system in the US and Europe.

When Pink Floyd sang “we don’t need no education”, they were lamenting the harsh and industrial nature of the schools of the 1960s and ‘70s, where cynicism and the cane were the order of the day. The pendulum of western society has now swung towards parental paranoia around safety and an indulgence in the requisite metrics to achieve success for their children in the academic sphere. Continue reading

Benson: The Rise of Homeschooling and Classical Education

Keep them at home…

I recently saw an article on “World” by Adeline A. Allen, who is an associate professor of law at Trinity Law School. She wrote about the death of classical education in most schools today, but noted that, in some instances, it is making a comeback.

Allen noted that: “As a child growing up in the 18th century in the Caribbean and by no means wealthy, Alexander Hamilton had a number of books. One of which seems to have been Plutarch’s “Lives.” Judging from Hamilton’s writings from his youth onward, Plutarch helped form the man he became. The kind of education that would have students read Plutarch has long fallen by the wayside in mainstream American schools–but thankfully, not in all schools.” Continue reading

New Teacher Licensing Requirement Include Demonstrating ‘Marxist” Views to Keep Job

Our public school system continues to be corrupted by liberalism and Marxism. Some states have taken steps to prevent it, while others have embraced it and are even attempting to mandate it.

By spreading radical liberal propaganda, the National School Board has already lost almost half of the country. Continue reading

Anghis: The Dangers of American Education

America used to have the best education system in the world. To understand this statement we have to look at the original foundation of our education. Our original educational book was the Bible. This book was used to teach all aspects of life, business, math, philosophy, as well as how to conduct their personal lives. The Founders placed such a high importance on education that they enacted laws to ensure that children were educated and they also placed scripture knowledge in the same category. The arrogant fools of the Supreme Court of 1947 believed that the Bible should not be allowed in schools but the Founders believed different.

The Founders actually placed a premium on biblical knowledge. In my book ‘Defining American Exceptionalism’, I have a full chapter on education in early America. There are many documented situations that refute the 1947 decision so I would like to discuss a few of them. From this, we will see what the Pilgrims and the Founders believed to be the most important aspects of education. Continue reading

Control and Ignorance Are the Goals of Public Education … and Parents Are Catching On

A recent viral video from the YouTube channel Fleccas Talks showed several man-on-the-street interviews testing young people in New York City on their knowledge of basic facts. Some of the questions focused on American history and civics, while others were simple, numerical-based ones. The results were depressing, as the following samples demonstrate… Continue reading

Benson: Ahh, Those Racist Homeschoolers!

There was a good article on Liberty Nation recently about how the political left …”desperately wants to keep parents from homeschooling their children.”

The article stated that: “What happens when parents realize the public school system isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and start seeking other alternatives? Ever since the debate over the material being taught in K-12 classrooms erupted, government schools have been under well-deserved scrutiny for injecting far-left ideas regarding race, sexuality, and gender into their curricula. Now, the nation is seeing a backlash from Democrats and their comrades in the activist media with attempts to limit options for parents who have become disillusioned with their children’s learning institutions.” Continue reading