Dr. Gladys West ~ The Woman Who invented the Global Positioning System (GPS)

The movement of people from one location to the other has been the backbone of the interaction between societies and civilizations. Over human history, people have had to move from familiar to none familiar locations, for various reasons.

The movement of people from one location to the other in modern times have increased, and thanks to technology, such as GPS, fewer people miss their way. Thanks to GPS, movement, and life in modern transportation has become seamless. But these are just the simplest applications of the GPS.

Millions of the world’s people use the GPS (Global Positioning System) for their day-to-day lives, but they do not know that it was created by a black woman. Continue reading

How Dumb Have We Become?

Chinese Students Are 4 Grade Levels Ahead Of U.S. Students In Math

How in the world is America supposed to remain “the greatest country on Earth” when other nations are absolutely running circles around us when it comes to education? As you will see below, one survey found that 15-year-old students in China are almost four full grade levels ahead of 15-year-old students in the United States in mathematics. This is one of the most damning indictments of our education system that I have ever come across, and it is yet another clear indication that what we are doing is simply not working. Our children are not being given the tools that they need to compete in our modern society, and we have only ourselves to blame… Continue reading

Texas Values: Austin schools deceiving parents again

Emails from a Texas public-school district revealed that liberal school leaders evaded a state law in order to obtain explicit sex-ed lessons.

Texas state law forbids public schools from working with abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood to present explicit sex-ed curriculum, but Austin Independent School District cooperated with Canadian-based Alberta Health Services – and yet claimed it did no such thing. Continue reading

The Palmer Raids: America’s Forgotten Reign of Terror

The raids constituted a horrific, shameful episode in American history, one of the lowest moments for liberty since King George III quartered troops in private homes.

Exactly a hundred years ago this morning – on January 3, 1920 — Americans woke up to discover just how little their own government regarded the cherished Bill of Rights. During the night, some 4,000 of their fellow citizens were rounded up and jailed for what amounted, in most cases, to no good reason at all and no due process, either. Continue reading

Walt Whitman ~ Oh Captain! My Captain!

November 4, 1865 – When President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865; a war-weary nation was plunged into shock. The last great battles of the Civil War were still a recent memory, and the murder of the president seemed to be a bloody, pointless coda to four years of conflict and instability. There was a great outpouring of grief across the country, and poems and songs were written mourning the nation’s loss. Continue reading

Robert E. Lee’s Opinion Regarding Slavery ~ December 27, 1856

Lee’s letter to his wife, in response to a speech given by then President Pierce, dated December 27, 1856.

I was much pleased the with President’s message. His views of the systematic and progressive efforts of certain people at the North to interfere with and change the domestic institutions of the South are truthfully and faithfully expressed. The consequences of their plans and purposes are also clearly set forth. These people must be aware that their object is both unlawful and foreign to them and to their duty, and that this institution, for which they are irresponsible and non-accountable, can only be changed by them through the agency of a civil and servile war. Continue reading

Swallowing the Dog

In the South, the term “swallowing the dog” meant pledging allegiance to the United States

What is the meant by the phrase “swallowing the dog”?

For Confederate veterans, the term “swallowing the dog” meant being forced to repeatedly pledge allegiance to the United States whose military forces were occupying the Confederacy. Continue reading

Wounded Knee Massacre: South Dakota, December 29, 1890

Never Forget the Wounded Knee Massacre.

Between 165 and 300 innocent men, women, and children who were slaughtered at Wounded Knee, South Dakota by murderers that the US government deemed worthy of receiving Medals of Honor for the soldier’s “heroic stance” on the battlefield. Hello!? It wasn’t a Wounded Knee battle but a gruesome massacre! Continue reading

Rose Wilder Lane: Pioneer of Educational Freedom

My eight-year-old daughter Abby recently started reading Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It was prompted, in part, by watching the Little House on the Prairie television episodes with her great-aunt. Coincidentally, I have been reading more lately about some of the key women in history who promoted the ideals of individual freedom, limited government, non-coercion, and voluntary cooperation through trade. Rose Wilder Lane is one of these women. She was born on this day in 1886.

Liberty Should Always Trump Coercion
The daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Almanzo Wilder, baby Rose is the child many of us remember from the ninth Little House book, The First Four Years. Continue reading

Oh for the days of my teachers…

Back in the 60s and early 70s, some of the best minds were in the education field. These were veteran teachers, who had begun their careers in the 50s, some earlier, but their sole purpose was to TEACH, TO EDUCATE, not indoctrinate, not by rote or Common Core….. The methods taught by these teachers, by which we serious students learned to think for ourselves, grasped our studies in civics and government, how to figure math in our heads, learn to parse sentences, spell, read profusely, and use critical thinking skills, are probably verboten or not used any more. Continue reading

The New Far-Left Curriculum Transforming Our Public Schools

Marxist system of indoctrination where any student can decide what gender and even what race they want to be…

“Deep Equity”, developed by the Corwin company, is quickly becoming the new standard curriculum being taught in our public schools. If you’ve never heard of it, you soon will. It’s in San Tan valley in Arizona, Chicago, Illinois, Louisville, Kentucky, the entire Cleveland, Ohio public school district, charter schools in California and many more American cities as well as Canada. Continue reading

Good Public-school Teachers Under Siege

Public schools do hold good teachers who want to follow the best education practices and who object to the indoctrination of the LBGTQ agenda, but they are being penalized.

Him and Her – or They and Zee?

When the National Education Association (NEA) partnered with a radical homosexual and transgender group known as the “Human Rights Campaign” to create “welcoming schools,” a lot of public-school teachers felt uncomfortable, if not outraged. But when the groups sent out a mass e-mail encouraging teachers to ask young children what “pronouns” they prefer — he, she, they, z, tree, and so on — that was a bridge too far for many.

In a video produced as part of the campaign, two transgender children discuss their preferred pronouns with each other. One of the children prefers the plural pronoun “they,” while the other, who claims not to be a boy or a girl, prefers “zee.” Seriously. After that, the two children discuss the alleged need to “educate” their own teachers, especially substitutes, on the supposed importance of using the newly invented pronouns that students choose for themselves. Continue reading

New California Law Bans Schools From Suspending Students Who Disobey Teachers

…so that the offensive spoiled-brat can be a distraction to the rest of the class and the teacher – BRILLIANT – just brilliant! Who dreams up this garbage? ~ Ed.

In another example of why our schools fail to teach anything to kids, a new law in California now prevents schools from suspending kids for rebelling against teachers. The new law that bans suspensions takes effect on January 1, 2020. Continue reading

It is Christmas!” ~ a Letter from Leesburg, 1861

Christmas Eve by Thomas Nast published 1863

Following the stunning Confederate victory at the Battle of Balls Bluff on October 21, 1861, Leesburg welcomed a host of Southern soldiers. Young men from near and far wintered near the Northern Virginia town, and it was the first Christmas away from home for many. Families across the Heritage area were already separated by the Civil War, and darker days lay ahead. The holidays blanketed the area with cheer, even though the weather was warm and clear. Thomas E. Caffey, an Englishman, signed up with Co. D, the “Hamer Rifles”, 18th Miss., and had this to say about the regiment’s Christmas celebrated in their winter quarters at Morven Park: Continue reading