A Laid-Back Homestead Homeschool Routine

Homeschooling continues to be more interesting as these months go on. You should consider making it routine in your family. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know – “But there are other obligations that I must return to.”

Yes – but the FIRST obligation a family has is to their children – so stop turning them over to someone else to raise! Teach, Learn and Grow together – as a family!

How Taxes Caused the Civil War ~ NOT Slavery!

Taxes caused the Civil War: Although I’m no scholar of American history, there are a few seminal events that I’ve always felt confident in having a basic understanding of. One of those is the cause of the Civil War, which was slavery, of course. But then, I did some research, and I had to rethink everything.

It seems that the root cause of the Civil War was not slavery, it was taxation. Continue reading

Mike Pompeo Lashes Out at Critics of Homeschooling, Says Radical Leftists Are Indoctrinating Children

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted critics of homeschooling and accused radical-left academics of imposing their values on American children.

Harvard Magazine, an independently edited magazine affiliated with Harvard University, recently published an article warning of the risks of homeschooling as part of their May/June edition. It quotes Elizzabeth Batholet, Wasserstein public interest professor of law and faculty director of the Law School’s Child Advocacy Program, in saying that homeschooling violates children’s rights to a “meaningful education” while also limiting them from contributing to a democratic society. Additionally, Bartholet argues that homeschool is inadequately unregulated across the U.S. and can isolate children from others. Continue reading

New York teams up with Bill & Melinda Gates to ‘reimagine education

With 4.2 million students absent from their physical classrooms, the state is looking to take a tech-focused approach to learning

Elin Eaton, 11, studies during home schooling in New Rochelle, New York, in March shortly after schools were closed. Nola’s mother, Farrah Eaton, is a former high school administrator, and holds sessions with her three children during weekday mornings. – Getty Images

Though the coronavirus pandemic is a “devastating and costly moment in history,” Cuomo said, there are lessons to be learned and opportunities for betterment across many sectors.

New York should “take this experience and really learn how we can do differently and better with our education system in terms of technology and virtual education,” Cuomo said. “It’s not about just reopening schools. When we reopen schools, let’s open a better school and let’s open a smarter education system.”

Just remember – Bill Gates brought the world of Common-Core to our schools – and even HE admitted that is was a resounding failure. So he should be given a second chance??? ~ Ed.

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The Myth that Americans Were Poorly Educated before Mass Government Schooling

Early America had widespread literacy and a vibrant culture of learning.

Detail of Girl Reading by Edmund Charles Tarbell (Public Domain)

Parents the world over are dealing with massive adjustments in their children’s education that they could not have anticipated just three months ago. To one degree or another, pandemic-induced school closures are creating the “mass homeschooling” that FEE’s senior education fellow Kerry McDonald predicted two months ago. Who knows, with millions of youngsters absent from government school classrooms, maybe education will become as good as it was before the government ever got involved. Continue reading

Our Children Are Not Slaves of the State

Last week brought two special delights…

Though I had read and even taught Francis Gray Patton’s novel Good Morning, Miss Dove, I had never seen the movie. With forlorn hope, I went to YouTube, punched in the title, and there it was, a wonderful film released in 1955 starring Jennifer Jones as “The Terrible Miss Dove,” an elementary school teacher whose principles, stern classroom discipline, and general demeanor terrify her students but make her a beloved figure in the town of Liberty Hill. Continue reading

Attacks on Homeschooling Suggest Nervous Government Schools

It’s funny how homeschooling – that once-upon-a-time fringe movement of education – has now become the norm. Everyone’s doing it out of sheer necessity.

For some, it’s going great! What was at first a stressful and uncertain task is now becoming routine. In fact, a recent poll conducted by EdChoice found that over half of respondents hold a more favorable view of homeschooling as a result of the coronavirus. Continue reading

We Fought with America in the Vietnam War, but Most Americans Don’t Know About Us

Many know the Vietnam War as one of the bloodiest and most unpopular wars in U.S. history. Some even label it a mistake. During the 1960s, the spread of communism brought fear to the American people. For the U.S. government, communism posed a political threat as the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, and other countries started emerging as “red” states. They were afraid more dominoes would fall, so they placed themselves between them. American representatives were sent to Vietnam and neighboring countries to prevent the spread. This is where the story of my people begins. Continue reading

Science Teachers Adapt To Lockdown With ‘Burping Bags‘ And Other At-Home Experiments

With most schools out across the country due to the coronavirus lockdown, science teachers have been getting creative when it comes to finding experiments to keeep their students entertained.

“My thing has been to get science into their homes and get them doing science… it’s about discovery,” said Lockhart, Texas science teacher Avri DiPietro, who’s assigned a “burping bag” experiment to her 160 or so students between the ages of 11 and 14. Continue reading

Not All Learning Is Done In A Classroom

5 Techniques For Raising A Fully Awakened Child

In some ancient cultures, the birth of a child was grieved.

It seems counter-intuitive to grieve life, but they believed the soul of the newborn child was wrenched from the spirit plane where truth and timelessness prevailed and forced into an existence of limitations and grief.

Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not. But children are a precious asset to this world. Continue reading

Schrock-Taylor: Getting Sons To Read

Author Jack Cashill recently wrote an article entitled “Why Your Sons Refuse to Read”. It is a must-read for every parent with a son who has not learned to read or who has not learned to read well enough to succeed at his grade/age level. I hope to help parents understand what must be done in order for their sons (and daughters) learn to read well, to enjoy reading, and to begin catching up with all of the concepts and vocabulary that they missed during the years of not reading. Continue reading

Constitution Series: Three Things That Make the United States Constitution Unique in World History

Today’s high school students may yawn when they hear teachers describe what a world-changing document the United States Constitution was when it was ratified in 1788 and a new government was formed a year later in 1789.

But a deeper look behind the scenes reveals the three dramatic innovations the Founding Fathers introduced in just 4,400 words that changed the course of history for the better over the next 228 years, not just in the United States of America, but around the word: Continue reading

Harvard Law Prof Calls for Ban on Homeschooling

“It’s ‘Dangerous‘ to Leave Children with Their Parents 24/7!”

It’s ironic at a time when 56 million children in the U.S. are being homeschooled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that Harvard Magazine would publish an article calling for a ban on homeschooling.

The article by Erin O’Donnell, headlined The Risks of Homeschooling, sets up one straw man after another to make the case that the government must step in to protect children from their own parents – who are presumed guilty and ill-qualified to care for their own children. Continue reading

Is Secession Legal?

Editor’s NOTE: Consider that what you are about to read is a superb historical lesson on the subject of the title, but that it was written nearly eight and a half years ago. Look how far we have come with the arrogance of Governors and mayors all across America. What lies ahead for We the People and our children and grandchildren. What lies ahead for the future and the survival of the united States? … and yet ~ what if…. ~ Ed.

With all fifty states offering petitions to the central government to leave the Union, the legality of secession is now front page news in the United States. Can a state legally secede from the Union? Many, including Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, suggest no. In a 2006 letter, available here, Scalia argued that a the question was not in the realm of legal possibility because 1) the United States would not be party to a lawsuit on the issue 2) the “constitutional” basis of secession had been “resolved by the Civil War,” and 3) there is no right to secede, as the Pledge of Allegiance clearly illustrates through the line “one nation, indivisible.” Continue reading