As more countries ban iPads and mobile phones from the classroom, could wifi be giving our children cancer?

Plenty of children these days are so obsessed with having internet access that they will virtually refuse to go on holiday unless the hotel or villa has wifi.

They’re certainly used to being fully ‘connected’ at school, where millions of youngsters who were once taught with chalk on a blackboard now sit in circles on the floor surfing the web on their tablets or phones.

The trouble is that though smartphones are used as educational tools in some lessons, they can also be a dangerous distraction during the day for pupils. In fact, youngsters taking phones into schools has become such a contentious issue that now a minister has called for them to be banned.

Yet there is another issue which is perhaps even more important: one of the world’s top cancer experts has said the wifi beamed through Britain’s classrooms — radio waves that send signals between base units and devices such as iPads and mobile phones — could be as dangerous as ‘tobacco and asbestos’. (Read full report…)

Ira Hayes – Sad Fate of the Native American who Helped Raise the Flag at Iwo Jima

Falling Cloud (aka PFC Ira Hamilton Hayes)

“There they battled up Iwo Jima’s hill,
Two hundred and fifty men
But only twenty-seven lived to walk back down again. And when the fight was over,
And when Old Glory raised
Among the men who held it high, Was the Indian, Ira Hayes ~
Johnny Cash, “The Ballad of Ira Hayes

Fear, without a doubt, is everyone’s inner struggle. When confronted and an ordinary human stands up, rises against the odds and faces the challenge, this ordinary man becomes a hero. For “being terrified but going ahead and doing what must be done―that’s courage” (Piers Anthony, Castle Roogna), and heroes are nothing other than ordinary people who by acting in the heat of the moment can make themselves extraordinary. Continue reading

Students Learn Way More Effectively From Print Textbooks Than Screens

Today’s students see themselves as digital natives, the first generation to grow up surrounded by technology like smartphones, tablets and e-readers.

Teachers, parents and policymakers certainly acknowledge the growing influence of technology and have responded in kind. We’ve seen more investment in classroom technologies, with students now equipped with school-issued iPads and access to e-textbooks. Continue reading

The 1932 and 1939 Project: How the New York Times Covered up Murder and Genocide

With the launching of the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” the paper of record seeks to reframe American history. Formerly we had foolishly assumed the birth of the nation to be July 4, 1776, with the writing of the Declaration of Independence. But no, the paper of record has another date in mind… Continue reading

First Common Core High School Grads Worst-Prepared For College In 15 Years

This is the opposite of what we were told would happen with trillions of taxpayer dollars and an entire generation of children who deserve not to have been guinea pigs in a failed national experiment.

For the third time in a row since Common Core was fully phased in nationwide, U.S. student test scores on the nation’s broadest and most respected test have dropped, a reversal of an upward trend between 1990 and 2015. Further, the class of 2019, the first to experience all four high school years under Common Core, is the worst-prepared for college in 15 years, according to a new report. Continue reading

Thing You Can Do

Reading plays an integral role in developing our intelligence and problem-solving and analytical skills. Good reasons to do more of it.

We’ve all had it embedded within us since the day we were born: The only way to become smarter, no matter what you study or where you are, is to read. What few people tell us, however, is why reading plays such an integral role in developing our intelligence, problem-solving, and analytical skills, and our ability to understand others with alacrity.

Why, then, is this hobby – one that gets more and more difficult to maintain as we get older – so crucial to maintaining our brain function and improving our overall intelligence?  Continue reading

Finley: Save America’s Intellect

With all the trash-talk oozing up everywhere from the slime, it is time to ask: how is America doing intellectually? At the very top of our nation’s political pyramid we have leaders who don’t read and can’t do basic math. What is needed, of course, is exactly the opposite. We need leaders who can think critically, read comprehensively, know history, speak and write eloquently, decide decisively and whose numbers make sense. Continue reading

The Stirring Elocution of Frederick Douglass

It’s worth our time to reflect on the life and words of this great man born over 200 years ago…

Frederick Douglas ~ American

American history abounds with great orators whose eloquence roused the people and shaped events. Names like Patrick Henry, Daniel Webster, William Lloyd Garrison, Abraham Lincoln, William Jennings Bryan, Susan B. Anthony, and Martin Luther King come to mind.

The best of them spoke with passion because their words gushed forth from wellsprings of character or experience or righteous indignation—and in the case of the great 19th-century American abolitionist Frederick Douglass, all three. He could pierce the conscience of the most stubborn foe by what he said and how he said it. Continue reading

Texas School District Mandates Teaching Kids How to Have Anal Sex

The sex and gender revolutionaries have officially taken over the Austin Independent School District without firing a single shot.

Pedo Satan

In spite of overwhelming opposition from parents and pastors, the district’s trustees voted early Tuesday morning to implement a pornographic sex-education policy that includes instruction on anal sex and how to place a condom on an erect penis.

The father of a fifth-grader demanded to know who gave the school district the right to teach his child how to have anal and oral sex.

“Who gave you the right, Austin ISD? You have overstepped,” the rightfully frustrated dad said.

The radical sex-education policy will provide graphic instruction on gender identity and mandated support of the LGBT movement.

Students in grade school and middle school will also be taught how to get an abortion or obtain birth-control pills without parental permission or consent. Continue reading

My history with Stinkin’ Lincoln

A personal post – of sorts. WARNING: There is one word in the following text which in fact does violate the purposes of this web-site – however – I am not the perpetrator – the author of the words of a song is. ~ Ed.

Few remember the 1968 Broadway play, ‘HAIR‘. A live performance originally performed at the Biltmore Theater, 261-5 West 47th St. in New York City. I did not see it in New York, but while on R&R in Tokyo in ’69 (from ‘nam) I stayed at a hotel that was also hosting the Chicago cast for performances in that city. Only one performance was held, due to the nudity on stage. The cast and play were subsequently banned from further performances due to pornography laws. I was privileged to spend several evenings in the bar and restaurant with that cast and made some interesting friends, many of who I would meet up with again when I was released from the Army after my 21 months “in country.” Continue reading

In Memorium: Ex-Slave and Confederate, dies at 112

I was born in Elkhorn, Wisconsin on February 26, 1948 at Walworth Memorial Hospital. So, what does this have to do with Education? Nothing more than a Memorial.

I have a small history due to family interaction with Elgin, Illinois – the basis for our posting today – my great-uncle David Samuel Cole (a renowned educator from Elgin, Illinois) and his wife, Edith (who with her own twisted sense of humor, had a coal black Cocker Spaniel named, Tarbaby). I knew them well – but THIS is not our story today… Continue reading

Benson: Public Education–an exercise in state socialism from day one!

Before the War of Northern Aggression public schools as we have them today did not exist in the South. Mostly, the Southern States had the good sense to leave education where it belonged–in the hands of parents. After the War, public schools were forced upon the defeated South so that the ascendancy of the Radical Republican Deep State of that day could be pushed down the throats of Southern folks so that their children would be taught Yankee/Marxist propaganda passing as education. Continue reading

11 Forgotten Books of the 1920s Worth Reading Now

Writers from the 1920s to Prime You for the 2020s

Prohibition-era criminal mastermind George Remus—unlike other 1920s gangland kingpins like Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, or Charles “Lucky” Luciano—has been largely forgotten. The “King of the Bootleggers,” who led a raucous life highlighted by forming a bourbon empire that accumulated billions of dollars in today’s money, later murdered his wife Imogene in cold blood in Cincinnati’s Eden Park, which led to a sensational Jazz Age trial and an overhaul of criminal insanity laws. Continue reading

Finley: Higher Education Is Education No More

(ALL INTERNAL RIGHTS, LIMITED EXTERNAL RIGHTS) A polar bear family near Baffin Island in the Canadian arctic. Photo credit: John Rollins

A critically important but main-stream-media censored report on the science of climate change was published in The Washington Times on October 20, 2019. It was titled “University dumps professor who found polar bears thriving despite climate change.” Continue reading