Benson: Sheridan the War Criminal

Clifford Dowdey, in his book The History of the Confederacy 1832-1865, he had some commentary about the subject of this article, Philip H. Sheridan and it was not particularly complementary. Mr. Dowdey noted of Sheridan that he “…was an undersized man (five feet three) with an oversized head, in all ways…But Grant perceived in the […]

Benson: The Illuminati and Education

Many who read this will be aware of the Illuminati and of who they were (and are) and what their designs for a One World Government were (and are). They don’t call them the Illuminati anymore. Nowadays they would probably be called something like “The New World Order” or possibly “The Deep State” or some […]

Benson: Socialism And The 14th Amendment

Moral decline is one of the main fruits of apostasy. It is always accompanied by a decline in the level of personal responsibility. However, because responsibility is neglected does not mean that it has been eliminated. If rejected, it will be transferred elsewhere. If a formerly responsible people decide, one way or another, to abdicate […]

Benson: Non-Socialist College Students Hardly Have a Chance Anymore!

It seems, on many, if not most, college campuses in this era of extreme cultural Marxism (political correctness) the only way for conservative and patriotic students to survive is to keep their heads down and their thoughts totally to themselves about anything political–and cultural as well. There is no one on campus that will go […]

Benson: Education As Civil War

Civil war via “education” (mostly public education) was declared on the American public long, long ago, back in the 1830s, as a matter of fact. You had a certain intelligentsia in this country (and other places) in the early years of the nineteenth century that had a vision for the united States that did not […]

Benson: Now It Really Begins

Now it has begun–the total censorship of conservative, pro-Southern, patriotic sites off the internet. Trump’s comments about censorship notwithstanding, the Deep State has begun a purge on the internet of anything they don’t agree with. They totally ignore Trump’s comments about checking into it if censorship prevails. Maybe they are really not afraid of what […]

Benson: Lest We Forget

It has been forty four years ago this month, if my timeline is correct, that government (public) schools reopened in Kanawha County, West Virginia to a very slim group of students. Most of the students were kept at home by parents who had major (and understandable) problems with the textbooks their kids were supposed to […]