Benson: Exercises In Futility

Almost half a century ago now, when the textbook protest in Kanawha County was going on, at one of the school board meetings there, one of the school board members was caught in a blatant lie in some of his remarks and someone attending the meeting called him on it. The school board member, caught in the act, just laughed and continued on with his remarks.

He was not there to shine the light of truth on anything. He was there to lie to the parents about what the public schools in Kanawha County were doing to their kids. At that point, the Kanawha County School Board had one honest member on it – Alice Moore – who tried to do what was right for both parents and children. The rest of the school board wasn’t, to put it bluntly, worth spit!

Today we have all manner of problems with the far-left agenda being pushed in public schools that they have the gall to call “education” everything from Critical Race Theory to pushing transgender agendas on the kids, all without any parental consent or knowledge. This is all rank indoctrination that the school system calls “education.”

When parents attempt to look for ways around all this educational offal, they are often given bogus advice designed to either neutralize their efforts or keep them quiet, or both. Many parents are told to join the PTA to take care of their concerns. Sorry folks, but the PTA can do nothing to change the leftist agenda in public schools. Joining the PTA to combat this is an exercise in futility, as many are finding out. The PTA is ill-equipped to combat organized leftism, which is exactly what is being promoted in the schools. Just because your school may not have been affected yet doesn’t mean it won’t be at some point. If they haven’t gotten around to you yet, be thankful, because somewhere down the road, they will be coming for your kids.

Others are told to go to their local school boards and voice their complaints. Depending on the makeup of the local school board, this could be the last thing you want to do. I am reminded of the school board in Northern Virginia where a father went to complain about his daughter being raped by a boy, claiming to be a girl, who used the girls locker room. This actually happened–and the school board tried to sweep it under the rug and shipped the boy off to another school–where he did the same thing. Then the father of the girl was treated like a domestic terrorist. In fact, parents going to school board meetings to legitimately complain about what happened in schools to their children we’re often branded as “domestic terrorists.” There was a not-so-subtle message for parents there–if you don’t want to face serious jail time, just keep your mouths shut!

Keep them at home…

In 99 cases out of 100, you will get no relief from the public school system. It’s almost an impossibility for parents to combat leftist teachers unions and leftist school boards. These people have an agenda and they march together in lockstep to accomplish it and. their agenda is to make compliant little Marxists out of your kids. I remember last year reading a comment from a public school teacher where he said, referring to his students, “I’ve got 180 days to make revolutionaries out of them,” If this is what you want for your kids, then by all means, let the public school do its evil deed. But if you want something better, more decent, more God-honoring, then run, don’t walk, to your kids public school and take him or her out as quickly as possible.

Don’t join the PTA and don’t go complain to the local school board. Just go and take your kid out of the public school. Homeschool them if you have to, and if you do that, then check out joining the Home School Legal Defense Fund.

August 31, 2023

~ The Author ~
Al Benson Jr. is the editor and publisher of The Copperhead Chronicle, a quarterly newsletter that presents history from a pro-Southern and Christian perspective. He has written for several publications over the years. His articles have appeared in “The National Educator,” “The Free Magnolia,” and the “Southern Patriot.” I addition to that he was the editor of, and wrote for, “The Christian Educator” for several years. In addition to The Copperhead Chronicles, Al also maintains Revised History.

He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Confederate Society of America and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and has, in the past, been a member of the John Birch Society. He is the co-author, along with Walter D. Kennedy, of the book “Lincoln’s Marxists” and he has written for several Internet sites as well as authoring a series of booklets, with tests, dealing with the War of Northern Aggression, for home school students.

Mr. Benson is a highly respected scholar and writer and has graciously allowed Metropolis Café to publish his works. We are proud to have his involvement with this project.

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