Benson: The Last Place You Want Your Kids

Anyone who has read any of my work knows where I stand on the public school system. That is no secret. I remember, many years ago now, one of my main mentors, Rev. Ennio Cugini, made the comment to me that the public school system was a place to keep students up to date on the latest propaganda produced by the communists. When you look at what is being promoted today in these so-called institutions of learning, things like Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project, it is difficult not to agree with Pastor Cugini’s assessment of public schools.

That being the situation, we conclude that the public school system was never really about accurate education but rather about indoctrination. Let me say here that this is not an indictment of every public school teacher. I have friends that are or were public school teachers and they were good people. Rather it is an indictment of the system they worked or work for. And many of them agree with the indictment.

The real agenda of public education’s founders, who were Unitarians and socialists, was never true education, but rather the guidance of the students into the tenets of leftist thought. Many have written books over the years documenting what the leftists have done with public education.

R. J. Rushdoony, Samuel Blumenfeld, David Horowitz, Alex Newman and a host of others have written about this, even going back into the 19th century with people like Zach Montgomery, who wrote about the damage public schools were doing even in the 1880s. Rev. R. L. Dabney wrote periodically about the same problems back then.

In the 20th century Sam Blumenfeld wrote the books “Is Public Education Necessary?” and “The NEA–Trojan Horse in American Education.” And he and Alex Newman, just a few years ago, wrote “The Crimes of the Educators.” Rev. Rushdoony wrote, among others, “The Messianic Nature of American Education.” Also a few years ago Karl Priest, a retired public school teacher, wrote “The 1974 Textbook Tea Party” which was an expose of what really happened in the 1974 textbook protest in Kanawha County, West Virginia–an event most of you don’t remember and many have never even heard of. Those of us who were there, we remember!

David Horowitz in his boom “Dark Agenda” published in 2018, noted several places where public school students are being fed blatant anti-Christian propaganda. One place he noted was in Spring Hill Middle School in Tennessee, where students were required to write “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.” He also noted that students at Mountain Ridge Middle School in West Virginia were forced to write the same Islamic confession under the guise of performing a calligraphy exercise’.” Can you imagine the uproar there would have been had the students been asked to write “Jesus is Lord”? That will never happen, but the subtle promotion of a false deity is permissable in public school–just not the truth of who Jesus really is.folks, do you all herein the sunny South (and everywhere else) see what they are doing to your kids? There is an amazing double standard at work here and most people don’t seem to get it! Horowitz observed that “It’s because Christian doctrines were foundational to the American republic which the left despises.”

Hopefully these few thoughts and facts will give you all something to consider and pray about in regard to giving your children a private Christian education after removing them from the clutches of the public school Leviathan.

March 12, 2022

~ The Author ~
Al Benson Jr. is the editor and publisher of The Copperhead Chronicle, a quarterly newsletter that presents history from a pro-Southern and Christian perspective. He has written for several publications over the years. His articles have appeared in “The National Educator,” “The Free Magnolia,” and the “Southern Patriot.” I addition to that he was the editor of, and wrote for, “The Christian Educator” for several years. In addition to The Copperhead Chronicles, Al also maintains Revised History.

He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Confederate Society of America and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and has, in the past, been a member of the John Birch Society. He is the co-author, along with Walter D. Kennedy, of the book “Lincoln’s Marxists” and he has written for several Internet sites as well as authoring a series of booklets, with tests, dealing with the War of Northern Aggression, for home school students.

Mr. Benson is a highly respected scholar and writer and has graciously allowed Metropolis Café to publish his works. We are proud to have his involvement with this project.

He and his wife now live in northern Louisiana.

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