Parents Baffled by Homework Question About Apples and Paint Aimed at Six-Year-Olds

A parent posted their six-year-old’s maths question online concerning apples and paint and it was so baffling that one person labelled it a ‘weird sphinx riddle’ – can you solve it?

How well do you remember your school maths? (Getty Images)

For some people, school brings back blissful memories while for others it conjures up painful visions of obscure homework questions night after night. The good news is that those days are over – unless you now have children yourself who want help with their latest homework assignment, of course.

One parent recently took to Reddit to share their six-year-old’s school math assignment that left them scratching their head in bafflement. The post, entitled ‘So confused at six year old’s homework’, shows a photo of the child’s activity sheet with 16 apples and a splatter of paint printed on it.

The question underneath then reads: “Danny has dropped paint on his book. How many apples could be covered by the paint. There cannot be more than 20.”

Such was the seeming complexity of the question that around 3,200 users replied to the parent with their thoughts on it. However, one person questioned the awkward angle of the photo to begin with and said: “I’m so confused by the orientation you chose to use for this photo.”

Another replied: “I assume the photographer is Dutch,” which led to an off-piste sub-debate over the filmmaking technique of Dutch angles. But back to the tricky question in hand and barely anyone appeared to have a clue what the actual answer was.

One user suggested that the child should not even bother answering it: “Okay there are a million things wrong about this but I don’t think he needs to answer because I don’t see a question mark anywhere in that horrendously dumb pile of word garbage.”

Someone else compared it to a nightmare: “This is like the type of homework problem I face in a dream. Nonsense presented like it’s normal and simple and I’M the moron who still needs to pass 1st grade.”

While one person thought it was less a maths question and more a riddle and said: “0 apples as Danny dropped the paint on his book and not an apple. I feel like it’s a weird sphinx riddle…” Although it wasn’t made clear in the post, another user had an idea of the type of school giving out this homework: “Obviously this is a private pre-pre-law school. The question is meant to be objected to and argued as it is baseless and speculative without evidence or testimony to support it.”

Written by Steven White for The Mirror ~ December 24, 2023

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