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For many – THIS is the one singular option that is available. It is not for everyone, as there may be family and/or other issues which would prevent this option – however – think back – at one point in time – our parents were teaching us at home – from the very beginning. In the early days of this nation – all of the teaching was done at home. If one has concerns for the future of their children – THIS is where you SHOULD be looking.

The ‘Civil War’ ~ Medical Care, Battle Wounds, and Disease

The Civil War was fought, claimed the Union army surgeon general, “at the end of the medical Middle Ages.” Little was known about what caused disease, how to stop it from spreading, or how to cure it. Surgical techniques ranged from the barbaric to the barely competent.

A Civil War soldier’s chances of not surviving the war was about one in four. These fallen men were cared for by a woefully underqualifled, understaffed, and undersupplied medical corps. Working against incredible odds, however, the medical corps increased in size, improved its techniques, and gained a greater understanding of medicine and disease every year the war was fought. Continue reading

Five Reasons COVID-19 is the Best Thing to Happen to Public Education

“Free at last! Free at last! Thank God-Almighty that we’re Free at Last!” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As the world scrambles to curtail COVID-19 with social distancing, millions of parents are facing the prospect of involuntarily homeschooling their children for the foreseeable future.

As of Monday, 45 states have ordered all schools to be closed. At least 54.8 million school students are now home. Though initial school closures have ranged from a few days to a month, many speculate it could be a lot longer before schools reopen, if they do at all for the rest of the academic year.

While it is disruptive to the economy, as well as public school children and parents, a whole lot of good will come out of school closings — beyond the obvious benefit of slowing the spread of the disease.

Here is what parents and the public as a whole should take away from the school closings. Continue reading

6 Sanity-Saving Tips for Newly Homeschooling Work-At-Home Parents

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Welcome, everyone! Every day is a grand adventure these days, and if you have children, you’ve been forced into the amazing world of homeschooling because America’s schools are closed due to the Chinese COVID-19 pandemic. First, don’t panic. I’m a veteran homeschooling mom, even though I sent my kids to private school a couple of years ago. I have six years of homeschooling and working from home under my belt. Even still, I felt the same twinge of the panic I know you are feeling when I found out we were going to do it again. But don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay. You can do this and still get your work done and I’m going to help you with these very helpful tips. Continue reading

No need to panic, parents, over homeschooling

Hundreds of schools across the United States have shuttered their doors during the outbreak of the coronavirus, and now parents have suddenly been thrust into a new role that their friends and neighbors have been accustomed to for some time: homeschooling.

Approximately 64,000 schools have been closed in 33 states, affecting about 32 million students, Education Week reported in a March 16 story. Continue reading

We‘ Should NOT Regulate Homeschooling

Modern homeschooling encompasses an array of different educational philosophies and practices, from school-at-home methods to unschooling to hybrid homeschooling.

The desire to control other people’s ideas and behaviors, particularly when they challenge widely-held beliefs and customs, is one of human nature’s most nefarious tendencies. Socrates was sentenced to death for stepping out of line; Galileo almost was. But such extreme examples are outnumbered by the many more common, pernicious acts of trying to control people by limiting their individual freedom and autonomy. Sometimes these acts target individuals who dare to be different, but often they target entire groups who simply live differently. On both the political right and left, efforts to control others emerge in different flavors of limiting freedom – often with “safety” as the rationale. Whether it’s calls for Muslim registries or homeschool registries, fear of freedom is the common denominator.

A recent example of this was an NPR story that aired last week with the headline, “How Should We Regulate Homeschooling?” Short answer: “We” shouldn’t!
Continue reading

America’s Homeschooling Mothers Are Leading Our Next Revolution

“The leaders of the revolution are America’s homeschooling mothers,” said C. Bradley Thompson, professor of political science professor at Clemson University and author of America’s Revolutionary Mind: A Moral History of the American Revolution and the Declaration That Defined It, expressing his concerns of deepening national political fragmentation in a Tuesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak. Continue reading

Paul: Homeschoolers are Educated, Not Indoctrinated

Schoolchildren across the country recently skipped school or walked out of class to rally for new restrictions on our economic and personal liberties in the name of fighting “climate change.” Instead of punishing students for playing hooky to promote a political cause, many teachers and administrators allowed, or even encouraged, students to skip school to attend these events. Public schools have also given students the day off to attend pro-gun control rallies. Continue reading

Homeschoolers Creaming Other Students on the SAT

It appears that getting your children OUT of the Public Fool System would be advised!

Last summer (2015), George Washington University announced that it would no longer require students to submit their SAT or ACT scores as incoming freshmen. This move was made because the university “had concerns that students who could be successful at GW felt discouraged from applying if their scores were not as strong as their high school performance.”

Some students, however, did not get off so easy. Homeschoolers, the college noted, would still have to submit their SAT scores before they could be admitted. Continue reading

The Difference Between Classical and Traditional Education

Several years ago I got into a conversation about classical education in which my conversation partner asked, “Isn’t that the kind of education that all those overachieving homeschoolers are into?”

I had to laugh. Yes, classical education has that reputation.

But the high-achieving nature of classical education hasn’t deterred interest. In fact, classical curricula are proliferating in homeschools, private schools, and charter schools. Continue reading

Texas gov’t officials seize 4-year-old homeschooler after parents ask doctor for second opinion

In a heartbreaking case of complete disregard for parental rights, four-year-old Drake Pardo was illegally taken from his parents by Child Protective Services (CPS) and uniformed police officers on June 20, 2019 in East Texas.

After almost two months, multiple court appearances, and the admission of CPS in court that they had not met all of the necessary requirements for removing Drake, the Pardos are tragically still separated from their young son over a claim of “medical negligence.”

Texas Sen. Bob Hall of the state’s second district called the case an “egregious miscarriage of justice.” (Continue to full story…)

Digital School Days

The biggest trend I see for the future is the meltdown of governments at all levels combined with a decentralizing, individual-empowering exponential growth in technology. States, in other words, will self-destruct while people get smarter, stronger, healthier, and freer — they will get a lot smarter, a lot stronger, a lot healthier and from this, freedom from the state will be a natural evolution.

There will be efforts to resurrect states but the attempts will fail. Too many people will recognize the futility of trying to secure their well-being under a monopoly form of government — a government that threatens violence against nonviolent individuals such as taxpayers. As social organizations, states are headed for extinction while technology, in spite of its downsides, will be our liberator. Continue reading

Homeschoolers: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

My eight-year-old daughter and I recently read about the Salem witch trials. She had heard about Salem from a friend who visited the nearby town during its popular Halloween festivities, and she was curious about the witches. We went to the library to get some books on the topic of how 20 innocent people were put to death for “witchcraft” in 1692, with scores more accused and jailed. Continue reading

Escape the Village!

Why is it that we are unable to teach children how to read when nearly every single child 100+ years ago could read and write? We do not need more money. We do not need more teacher training. We need to return to what has been proven to work. When we choose to use a curriculum that has been demonstrated with fact and figures to be inferior, then the only conclusion is that it is a deliberate effort to ensure the destruction of your child’s potential. You are going to have to get involved with the education of your children. IF your superintendent will not fix the problem, then fire him. If your school board will not fix the problem, then fire them. Your children’s future is at stake. To save America, we must save one child at a time. It starts with education – at home and at school. ~ Rosemary Stein, MD