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For many – THIS is the one singular option that is available. It is not for everyone, as there may be family and/or other issues which would prevent this option – however – think back – at one point in time – our parents were teaching us at home – from the very beginning. In the early days of this nation – all of the teaching was done at home. If one has concerns for the future of their children – THIS is where you SHOULD be looking.

YAY! ~ Parents Are Pulling Kids Out of Public Schools

All indications are that this trickle could turn into a flood now that parents know what’s going on in their children’s education.

A recent study released from the National Centers for Education Statistics revealed that public schools have been experiencing a decrease in enrollment. Almost 4% of students were pulled out of public schools in the 2020-2021 school year. This was especially evident in the younger grades. According to the report, “Preschool enrollment dropped by 22 percent, and enrollment of kindergarteners fell by 9 percent.” Continue reading

Benson: Marxist Propaganda In Public Schools Posing As Education

I have written about Critical Race Theory before, and I probably will again. It is such a pernicious world view that it deserves all the negative publicity possible. At this point, several state legislatures around the country have bills in their legislatures to ban the teaching of this theory in their public schools and, while I have no use for the public school system, I do applaud these efforts. At least some in these state legislatures recognize what a horrendous insult to real education this leftist drivel really is. Continue reading

Percentage of Women in the Workforce Plummets

But is this really a bad thing, or is it a boost for families?

According to Tami Forman at Fortune, the women’s work participation rate is down to 57%. It has not been this low since 1988. It is especially bad, according to Forman, because many women have now been out of the workforce for two years . Having this large a gap on their résumés a is problem for prospective employers.

Why are women not returning to the workforce? Continue reading

Homeschoolers Turn Out Happy, Well-Adjusted, and Engaged

Homeschooled children fared better than children who attended public schools in many categories.

Researchers at Harvard University just released findings from their new study showing positive outcomes for homeschooled students. Writing in The Wall Street Journal last week, Brendan Case and Ying Chen of the Harvard Human Flourishing Program concluded that public school students “were less forgiving and less apt to volunteer or attend religious services than their home-schooled peers.” Continue reading

4 Positive Education Trends to End 2021

The exodus from government-run schooling continues

There is a lot to be frustrated about as 2021 concludes. Some places are back in lockdown over rising coronavirus cases, while others are re-imposing previous restrictions and introducing new ones—including my city.

But at this joyful time of the year, I choose to be optimistic and focus on all the good things happening right now, particularly in the world of education. Continue reading

Homeschooling for Beginners: Top 10 Questions

While I was in the military, my wife decided to homeschool our two boys. After 2 years we asked the boys if they wanted to attend public school and come to find out, they were about one year ahead. The kids attended for a year anyway but didn’t like that type of learning environment and they decided to continue with our homeschooling program. ~ Earl Leighton

THE KITCHEN MILITIA – The Renewed Line of Defense for Education

The alarm sounds throughout the countryside. As the alert is heard, one by one, two by two, the patriots respond. They are a loosely organized, ragtag band, without official leaders or official orders. Some gather in small groups, others work alone. But, armed with an overpowering idea of truth and an urgency to protect their children, they are determined to expose and drive back their foe. Continue reading

Schools or Indoctrination Centers? The Answer Should be Obvious

As time goes on we are learning more and more about how public schools are pushing this Marxist oriented Critical Race Theory garbage. And I call it garbage because that is what it is The agenda for this is to cause hate and division between the races so they will never be able to come together and realize who their real enemies are and what those enemies are doing to all races. Continue reading

Homeschooling Just Crossed the Tipping Point

In the months before COVID hit, a number of my friends began a new phase of motherhood by starting careers as homeschool teachers. They expressed normal trepidation, concerned they would fail, and by extension, their children would.

Then the pandemic hit, homeschooling became the new way of life, and my friends were suddenly homeschool veterans, all settled in and progressing with their curriculum while everyone else scrambled to get their act together. Continue reading

School CHOICE Only Option in Divided Nation

Let parents decide what their children will learn, and give parents the freedom to select a school for their child that teaches the worldview and the values that they want.

The issue of critical race theory is raising a more fundamental question about our nation: education.

Education is about more than teaching children to read and write. It is about transmitting values, transmitting a worldview, that will define how our youth think and how they will live. Continue reading

The Rise of Black Homeschooling

Victoria Bradley hoped that homeschooling would let her learn at her own pace. Photographs by Cydni Elledge for The New Yorker

When Victoria Bradley was in fifth grade, she started asking her mother, Bernita, to homeschool her. Bernita wasn’t sure where the idea came from—they never saw homeschooling on TV. But something always seemed to be going wrong at school for Victoria. In second grade, a teacher lost track of her during parent pickup, and she wandered off school grounds. Bernita went to see the principal, intent on getting the teacher fired. The principal asked if she would consider taking an AmeriCorps position at the school. Bernita cut back her hours at the hair salon she owned and started doing community outreach, assisting teachers and hosting parent meetings.

Often underserved by traditional schools, Black families are banding together to educate their children, sometimes with an unexpected funding source: the Koch family and other conservative donors. Continue reading

Smith: America’s End Is One Check-Mate Away

“Blessings on the hand of women! Angels guard its strength and grace. In the palace, cottage, hovel, Oh, no matter where the place; Would that never storms assail it, Rainbows ever gently curled, For the hand that rocks the cradle Is the hand that rules the world.” ~ William Ross Wallace, 1865

The conservative and Christian parents of America’s multitude of children certainly must wish they had done more in past decades to prevent the ideas of Marx and communism from being inserted into the U.S. public education system, by advocates who infiltrated its halls in its earliest years, as they have seen an exponentially intensified hard assault on our traditional beliefs and principles over the past eleven years, starting with the introduction of Common Core. Now, the new tactic of America’s Marxists centers on the implementation of Critical Race Theory concepts, premises and philosophy within public schools for the purpose of indoctrinating America’s children completely in the Democratic Party’s Marxo-fascist worldview. Continue reading

Deceive The Parents ~ Just Like You’ve Always Done!

For decades I have been telling people to remove their kids from the public school system because it is a corrupt institution that indoctrinates kids rather than educating them. The material I will deal with here proves that contention.

Someone sent me a copy of an article by Art Moore, that dealt with this. I will quote some of what he had to say here. He said: “Amid complaints from parents that their children are being ‘indoctrinated’ a Missouri school district is advising English teachers to create a fake curriculum and keep the real one hidden. Continue reading

The Benefits of Plunging Public Kindergarten Enrollment Rates

Children not enrolled in public kindergarten are not ‘missing.’ Their parents know exactly where they are.

Public school enrollment has consistently declined across most states this academic year, and there are new signs that the trend will continue this fall. On Thursday, New York City’s education department reported that kindergarten applications for the 2021/2022 school year dropped 12 percent, from 63,000 to under 55,500 applications. Continue reading

In Wake of Pandemic, Homeschooling EXPLODES

More parents are realizing what cesspools of indoctrination public schools have become.

One year ago, noting the increase in homeschooled children as a result of schools shutting down over the ChiCom Virus pandemic, it was impossible to predict just how drastic that shift would end up being.

Initially, the shift was a matter of necessity. As entire school systems remained closed for in-person learning, and virtual learning was shown to be largely ineffective, parents looked for ways to make sure their children didn’t fall behind. Unable to afford private schooling, many parents turned to homeschooling. Continue reading