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This is where we will find success stories – with students, teachers, families – and yes – once in awhile – a particular school, or district which has overcome adversity to provide a winning agenda. You may also find postings regarding proposals POSITIVE changes to and for the education system suggested or presented by both public and private individuals. And in the words of the song by the great Anne Murray – we are looking for a “Little Good News Today!

Oh yes… this is the place you will also find single image posts, which may be quite suggestive in nature – for both positive and/or negative effect.

Percentage of Women in the Workforce Plummets

But is this really a bad thing, or is it a boost for families?

According to Tami Forman at Fortune, the women’s work participation rate is down to 57%. It has not been this low since 1988. It is especially bad, according to Forman, because many women have now been out of the workforce for two years . Having this large a gap on their résumés a is problem for prospective employers.

Why are women not returning to the workforce? Continue reading

Homeschoolers Turn Out Happy, Well-Adjusted, and Engaged

Homeschooled children fared better than children who attended public schools in many categories.

Researchers at Harvard University just released findings from their new study showing positive outcomes for homeschooled students. Writing in The Wall Street Journal last week, Brendan Case and Ying Chen of the Harvard Human Flourishing Program concluded that public school students “were less forgiving and less apt to volunteer or attend religious services than their home-schooled peers.” Continue reading

4 Positive Education Trends to End 2021

The exodus from government-run schooling continues

There is a lot to be frustrated about as 2021 concludes. Some places are back in lockdown over rising coronavirus cases, while others are re-imposing previous restrictions and introducing new ones—including my city.

But at this joyful time of the year, I choose to be optimistic and focus on all the good things happening right now, particularly in the world of education. Continue reading

People get ready…: Website Update

…there’s a CHANGE a’ comin’ Don’t need no baggage – ya’ just get on board!

We are way past time to provide our readers with a few needed updates on this site. Over the next few weeks, we will be performing some updating to the site – little if any will affect our readers. The first phase of our conversion is nearing its conclusion. Soon – our OLD email address will also be in place and a few other upgrades which our domain masters lied about. ~ Ed.

Why is it that we are unable to teach children how to read when nearly every single child 100+ years ago could read and write? We do not need more money. We do not need more teacher training. We need to return to what has been proven to work. When we choose to use a curriculum that has been demonstrated with fact and figures to be inferior, then the only conclusion is that it is a deliberate effort to ensure the destruction of your child’s potential. You are going to have to get involved with the education of your children. IF your superintendent will not fix the problem, then fire him. If your school board will not fix the problem, then fire them. Your children’s future is at stake. To save America, we must save one child at a time. It starts with education – at home and at school. ~ Rosemary Stein, MD

Stand by… we’re comin’ atcha!

Homeschooling for Beginners: Top 10 Questions

While I was in the military, my wife decided to homeschool our two boys. After 2 years we asked the boys if they wanted to attend public school and come to find out, they were about one year ahead. The kids attended for a year anyway but didn’t like that type of learning environment and they decided to continue with our homeschooling program. ~ Earl Leighton

Parents Increasingly Fight for Control

Bad policies from school boards have had at least one unintended good effect.

Lately, parents have become more active in the debate around what and how their children should be taught in public schools. Parents are weighing in on curriculum about “systemic racism,” policies about vaccinating children without parental consent, and the front-and-center debate of whether a child needs to wear a mask for the school day. The Left may be pushing wrong policies, but more parental involvement is a good thing.

The political Left teaches that America is racist because it was founded through oppression, prejudice, and white privilege. Kids are being taught how to affix blame using racism, not how to prevent it. Whether it’s called Critical Race Theory (CRT) or some other clever name used to camouflage activism, this indoctrination has been exposed, causing many states to ban the passing on of this mindset. Continue reading

‘YES’ on School Choice – But It Requires Parental Involvement

There is a connection between bad schools and lack of parental involvement.

Question my sanity, but I’m considering running in this election to recall California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. Here’s a big reason why.

No one doubts that bad K-12 public school teachers exist. There is a phenomenon known as the “turkey trot,” in which bad teachers wind up in the worst schools. Why? Continue reading

Teaching History Without Identity Politics

“Our children need to learn more history and civics!” is a regular rallying cry for those who want to see America returned to its moral and common sense roots.

That a greater emphasis on history and civics is needed is evident from The Nation’s Report Card, which finds only 24 percent of American high school seniors proficient in civics, while only 12 percent of them are proficient in American history. Continue reading

Five Ways to Avoid the ‘Planned Mediocrity’ in Schools

It’s been one short year since parents suddenly found themselves the chief overseers of their children’s education due to the pandemic.

“Short” isn’t the word to describe it, I can almost hear many parents retort, relief in their voices as they realize that soon they will be off the hook, for the responsibility of their child’s education will be back in the hands of the experts at school.

But before you rejoice, let me suggest that things have changed in the past year. No longer are parents clueless about what their children are learning, how they are learning it, or what approaches to learning work best for each child. Parents have seen it all, and therefore have little excuse to go back to the autopilot mode of pre-pandemic days. They are now the experts who have even more awareness of what’s best for their children. Continue reading

Books and Those Who Read Them Are the Real Endangered Species

In the February 2021 issue of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, Professor Mark Brennan declares, “My students look at me in amazement when I tell them I read 8 to 10 hours per day. I look at them in amazement when they tell me they play video games 16 hours straight.” Brennan then went on to wonder if his book reading habits qualify him for “endangered species” status. Continue reading