Get them Out ~ NOW!

I’m not a teacher, but I may be able to offer an opinion. Every time the government gets involved in anything, they screw it up. In this case, it’s because the public school system is required to keep kids working at the same rate. (I think the current fiasco is common core, which was preceded by No Child Left Behind.) These programs do more to hold back most students than they do to help less advanced students keep up. The kids who suffer the most are the ones who should be allowed to work far ahead, but that doesn’t fit into the system’s agenda, and teachers are already swamped with kids who need much more help. ~ Joyce the Trucker

I have two children who are “homeschooling”. After years of speaking to my wife about homeschooling, COVID has allowed me to convince my wife to do so. One child is doing Acellus Academy, the other is doing Connections Academy through the state. It was a happy medium with my wife since she still cannot get out of her mindset the school system is jacked up. Her mother is a retired teacher for 20 years and she believes in the system. Since then, we spend more energy, literally hours a day doing the state curriculum through connections. My other son was fortunate connections was full and he was on a “waiting list” for his grade and I was able to get him into Acellus.

Needless to say, my Acellus student is excelling and on pace to finish his 9th grade before the beginning of 2021. My connections student is struggling and needs our help constantly. The state online program is terribly planned, seems confusing, a lot of redundancy and is more work for us parents than the student. ~ Novakayne119

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