The Education Bus and Community Organizers

Cultural Marxism is winning and destroying our own culture by leaps and bounds thanks in no small part to the education system which is now run by cultural Marxists

Conservatives used to believe in the true liberation of people from the enslavement by big and encroaching governments. You could hardly tell that today judging by the huge national debt they’ve escalated under a Republican president and a Republican Senate. They have been as profligate spenders as the Democrats, yet we still don’t have a wall to stop the invasion of illegals through the southern border.

Liberals are not really interested in liberty as the term implies, but want to conserve in perpetuity a system that oppresses voters, legal and illegal, and citizens, based on a euphemistically defined socialist/Marxist indoctrination by the government as the benevolent provider of everything without which life would cease to exist.

It does not seem to matter who is in power in Congress or the White House, Cultural Marxism is winning and destroying our own culture by leaps and bounds thanks in no small part to the education system which is now run by cultural Marxists.

There are some Republicans, RINOs, and Independents (those who cannot make up their minds that they are truly Democrats) among the sea of Democrats who run education at all levels, but they have no voice or influence to stop the indoctrinating curriculum and the Marxist community organizing instruction of America’s children.

Liberals, who now call themselves “progressives” even though the term “regressive” would be more appropriate, have constantly used the false narrative that the United States is a “democracy”, but the United States is a Constitutional Republic.

“Progressives” from all walks of life, with a microphone, a camera, a grade book, or a journalistic pen in front of them, have repeated this lie constantly. Democrat low information voters eventually believed the ‘we are a democracy’ lie and echoed it as an indisputable truth.

NEA delegates seem to have relegated student learning to the back seat of the education bus

A recent case in point, the annual conference of the National Education Association (NEA) which met in Houston, Texas, has hosted sessions on any social justice activism and Democrat political topics imaginable to the detriment of curriculum and instruction issues.

The 6,000 NEA attendees voted down the resolution “to re-dedicate itself to the pursuit of increased student learning in every public school in America.” Instead, the delegates endorsed “the fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade,” urged reparations for slave descendants, pledged their help with the 2020 U.S. Census, pledged support for the violent Black Lives Matter movement, urged the U.S. government to admit that the illegals crisis at the border is the U.S. government’s fault for destabilizing the Central American countries, and last, but not least, supported teaching the bizarre concept of “white fragility” produced by the “white supremacy culture.”

The NEA delegates seem to have relegated student learning to the back seat of the education bus. Racial justice, social justice, abortion, ethnic and minority affairs, illegal immigration, voting, and women’s issues took the front seats.

The community organizing aspect of NEA’s annual convention was further enhanced by the speakers, i.e., Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Bill de Blasio. NEA has 3 million members, but it is alleged that 60 percent of them have self-identified as Republicans and Independents. Did NEA’s socialist political platform represent them or teaching in general?

Convention of States
The most pressing problem that we face today is the indoctrination of our youth into Cultural Marxism. It is essential to redress the socialist direction this nation is driven into with the force of a leftist tidal wave.

But it will take more than 15 years, perhaps 30 to change this dangerous course back to the tenets of our constitutional republic especially when we have to fight our own brethren, Republicans and Democrats, bent on amending the Constitution under the excuse of reigning in out of control politicians. And you know instinctively it is a bad idea as Soros wants to have a Convention of States (COS). It is a red flag – a gut realization that they probably have their own global Constitution ready to go to replace our U.S. Constitution during a runaway COS. Should the COS run smoothly, and the delegates successfully amend our Constitution, since politicians ignore the current Constitution and lord over us with ever more intrusive legislation, an amended one would be equally ignored.

We must however continue to fight the powerful educational system and our own corrupt elected officials at all levels of government. They consider themselves the ultimate arbiters of wisdom to fundamentally transforming America into a global governance.

Written by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh for Canada Free Press ~ July 16, 2012

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