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…from the readers.

What we present below, are comments left by educators and parents regarding the subject matter and the awakening of parents as to what they have begun to realize during the modern era of the current Plandemic of Covid-19 and the days of “Zoom” education.

In over twenty years of the websites which we have managed – this is the FIRST time that we have ever posted anything like this – yet – as I have stated on my broadcast – in many respects – the comments left on a column – take us beyond what the author intended – or do they? A writer – if he or she is good enough – can elicit THESE type of responses.

The comments included were “borrowed” from two specific columns by a single author – but they tell the story. ~ Editor

Self-learning is completely natural to the newborn child. We don’t enroll children in school until they can speak their mother tongue. How did they learn that language? Did their parents teach them? No. Parents spoke to them, but did not formally teach language. The child is hard-wired for learning. Problems in learning occur after they are enrolled in school. That is, unless their teachers actually know how to teach. Many teachers with Montessori training know how, but not all. The Montessori method isn’t “teaching” as we know it, but guided self-learning. Parents thinking of home-schooling their young children should consult “The Absorbent Mind” and “The Montessori Method”, both of which are online free of charge. Gutenberg has both, I believe. ~ Chiral Man

We’ve been encouraging Christian parents to remove their children from the government school indoctrination system for over 20 years. This pandemic is a black cloud with a silver lining. The silver lining is that schools are closed and a LOT of parents are deciding to continue home educating their chlidren even when schools reopen! (Exodus Mandate) ~ Lawrie Sikkema

My parents were the traditional dad-works, mom cares for the kids & the house couple. They had 4 kids and all of us went to Catholic grade schools and high schools, paying tuition for most of that. At the time, I didn’t appreciate it, but based on the 40 years after, I thank my lucky stars they did.

And it was a sacrifice for them as they still had to pay R/E taxes to support the public schools none of us used… ~ Ludwig vonRothbard

The central mission of the “public school industrial complex” may not be education, but the delivery of a variety of social services, like babysitting, entertainment (e.g., school sports), providing an environment where children interact with other children, meals, employment of people in a variety of non-education tasks (e.g., bus drivers, cafeteria workers, office/admin workers, etc).

My brother, a grandfather, is now home schooling his 7 year old granddaughter while his daughter works. The same is true with his other grandparent age neighbors. He reports completing a week’s worth of lessons in a day, so the “educational” component of the “public school industrial complex” does not seem compelling.

Those engaged in home schooling gotta be asking whether the social services product of “public school industrial complex” is worth it. ~ Really??

Public Ed’s unstated mission may also be – wait for it – to indoctrinate naive, pliant, trusting minds.

Recall Lenin: “Give me the child for eight years and they will be a Communist forever.” [paraphrased] ~ Mr. Logical

Hats off to parents who have the dedication to home school. We are learning just how difficult it is with three small kids.

Between my having to work and my wife having to do groceries, cook, clean, do laundry, etc, just keeping the house from being completely destroyed is challenging enough before we even contemplate sitting down with them and getting them motivated to do school work. I can only imagine what single parents or parents who both need to work are going though.

It might be easier with older kids who are more inclined to study on their own but try giving a bunch of work sheets to a six year old while you try to get your own work done. Good luck… ~ James Anderson

You know, it’s funny how little “motivation” our kids need to learn.

If we do not try to force them to learn very specific things, their natural curiosity takes care of all the learning.

They probably won’t learn absolutely everything required by public school curriculum or they won’t learn it in the precise timeframe and/or sequence, but they will keep enjoying learning…

And if/when they decide they want to go on to specialized schools, they will have their own motivation to learn what’s needed to get in.

(We do need to “direct” them twice a year to put their ideas/work to paper in order to have a “portfolio” which is then used in the “evaluation” of their “progress” but it’s a comparatively small amount of time.) ~ Eiji Wolf

Keep them at home…

This article does an excellent job of delineating the pros and cons of public education, yet the cons far outweigh the pros. As for the rabid negative response to “home schooling”, it is led by teachers unions with their political clout. They are more concerned with job security than educating children. It is the same with higher education where colleges primary concern is providing jobs for professors and institutional profits. The result is millions of college graduates without marketable skill sets. Under the motto, “A well rounded education”, I was forced to take un-necessary classes. The point is that bigger is not better. One only has to look at big government, corporate behemoth monopolistic companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart that obliterate small businesses. As to public schooling, the answer is a voucher system, where control of our children is returned to parents. The largest benefit would be returning competition to the system where the best educational programs would be promoted. Another benefit would be a drastic reduction in costs and reduced property taxes. Americans need to awaken to the fact, bigger is not or never will be better. It only leads to control of the masses by an elitist cabal. It is time for this nation to return to our roots where control of every aspect of our society is returned to “We The People”! ~ Richard Mooney

While I agree with much of what you have written I disagree with the voucher system. What if we privatized the schools? Instead of having to pay taxes to fund the schools they would be funded by students. Ahh, you say, but what about the poor? This is the common question and we could have a means to raise funds or incentivize schools to encourage participation by those who do not have the funds. It costs a couple grand for home schooling; tens of thousands for private schooling. Public schools are bloated with bureaucratic overhead and a private institution would have to check its finances carefully.

Personally I think the best thing that will come from this is the idea that colleges may be unnecessary. ~ Arthur

The public school system needs to be abolished. Period. It is an instrument of tyranny and totalitarianism. No guns, no freedom, nothing. A prison. If you can’t sit still, focus on what you dislike, or conform into the mold? Drugs and medication. ADHD diagnosis. Autism. ODD. Conduct Disorder. A complete authoritarian system. If you bite a pop tart into the shape of a gun? Suspension. ~ NQ

My wife and I homeschooled our kids for 15 yrs, best thing we ever did to give our kids a step up and to protect them. Today they are balanced people who have good careers in the medical field and industrial field. Schools have now become breading grounds for the push for socialism and anything anti-God. ~ Gilbert Clement

They are indoctrination camps. I went to a Catholic parochial school from 1964-1972, and really it was a decent experience. Most of us came from working class back-grounds. People’s dad’s either worked in the trades, the utilities or the government (cops, fire, sanitation). Thinking back, the nuns (was mostly nuns back then) had about 50 students in a class. I had a graduating class in 8th grade between 200-250. Although a Catholic school, religion was taught as another class, and we had some religious functions at different times of the year. It wasn’t overkill. I am all for homeschooling where the parent or grandparent is able to do so. What are other routes are out there? ~ Brooklyn Dave

There was a short-lived fun sitcom about a family of dinosaurs in which the father said to the son, “We don’t send you to school to learn; we send you to get you out of the house.” Students are sent to school so they have a babysitter and are out of the home. “Everyone” knows they need a high school diploma.

“Everyone” assumes the school will teach their children, after all that is where they went to school. At the present time, the shutdown’s do not allow students to switch to home-schooling. Rather they must continue their distance learning with the same school.

Parents don’t want to educate their children – they know they aren’t up to the task. They don’t remember algebra and certainly aren’t capable of teaching it to their own children. As soon as those parents can get their children “out of the house” the children will return to the public school system.

After all, the education system is not about learning, it is about getting the children into daycare from 5 – 18 years of age. ~ Arthur

Lockdowns are exposing how absurd public school is. My mother is a pretty strong supporter of the public school concept, but over the past couple months, she’s been watching my niece once or twice a week for remote first grade. I can tell her support of public school is starting to waver, from the incompetent management of a simple virtual desktop system – the teacher doesn’t even know how to use moderator tools and spends time asking the kids to mute their own systems – to the perplexing reintroduction of New Math into the curriculum. Since first graders aren’t exposed to Critical Race Theory, my mother hasn’t seen that insanity and would definitely turn her into a strong opponent of public school. ~ Justin Murray

Your mother’s experience & “waver[ing]” of previous “strong support” for “public school concept” is likely a reason why many public schools are dissuading parents/guardians from observing the distance learning…. I suspect that in the past they also dissuaded in-person visits to their children’s classrooms during school hours. Got to keep the parents thinking that all is well w/in those walls…. whether brick & mortar or virtual. ~ Kitty Antonik Wakfer

Public schools have functioned as taxpayer-subsidized daycares where parents can take the easy way and drop their kids off for eight hours a day to receive a subpar education. Nowadays, you can add in a large dose of cultural radicalism.

My brother recently bragged that he “graduated the 2nd grade” and was starting the 3rd grade with this granddaughter. He takes care of his granddaughter while his daughter goes to work and school and engages in distance learning thanks to the COVID. Too bad he can’t get a refund of tax money spent on public schools that turned the job over to grandparents, like him. ~ Really??

“For more than 220 years – from the 1620s to the 1840s – most American schooling was independent of government control, subsidy, and influence. From this educational freedom the American Republic was born.” ~ Marshall Fritz (by Paul X)

After a year of this BS, the numbers will be even higher. Let’s face it. The ‘gubmint day prison system is little more than a convenient daycare center parents don’t need to worry about while they go off to be tax and debt slaves every morning. Now they continue to pay (indeed, less than they should), for schools that don’t even do the daycare thing for them. Most are also finding that they need to spend even more time with them, hire sitters to help out or watch them while they are in virtual school, etc. The transition to homeschooling will not seem that big a leap come next fall – especially when so many kids will be so far behind….except of course the homeschooled ones. But at what point will they finally call for the abolition of the prison system and the return of the ill-gotten gains (taxes)? ~ David S.

Private schools follow the State’s lead, perforce.

I was talking to a retired teacher from my city’s premier private high school. Parents who listened in on their teens’ remote learning said to him, “We have been cheated.” These are all high-earning, intelligent people, fully capable of homeschooling, and they will.

The whole edifice needs to be destroyed. ~ Anti Gnostic

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