You Decided to Homeschool….. What Now?

I have home schooled my grandchildren now for 4 years. We are going into out 5th year. We pulled her out because we realized at the end of 4th grade she could not multiply or divide very well. She knew how to do it but when I asked her what 2×2 was it took her literally 5 minutes to figure it out. On top of that my daughter went in before Christmas break to make sure she was doing OK. Teacher told her she was doing great. After Christmas break report cards came out and she failed social studies.

When my daughter talked to the teacher about it she told her it was no big deal. We disagree. The oldest has a friend from public school that she has known since 4k and this friend told her this summer that Canada was a state in the United States. This girl is in the honors classes. How???? The kids told her that had she gone to 5th grade there she would have been in the honors classes. How????? The teachers called her name for roll call for months even though we officially withdrew her from school.

We use connections academy because it is a free public online school. They have their online teachers and I just have to make sure they are following their course work. The oldest is going into 9th grade this year. We have twin 6 year olds who just finished kindergarten and will be going into 1st grade. They were reading on a 2nd grade level and doing very well in all their work. Also because this is a public school they are accredited so the colleges take kids from this school all the time. She will have a counselor that makes sure she takes the classes she needs to make sure if she wants to go to college she can.

I will say that I feel it is very important to keep a structured routine. This way they know what to expect. They know once they have completed their work they are done for the day. If they goof off they have to work longer. Also the younger ones I have to be there the entire time. Working with twins is challenging because they like to give each other the answers and it does take more time. I worked with their teacher very closely so I could manage this. This teachers are amazing. You can contact them as much as you need to and they are always willing to help. The public school they discouraged you from even coming in to talk to them.

If you truly want to home-school your children there are many options for you to choose from. Everyone’s needs are different. You just need to find what will work for you. ~ Christine Hammers

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