If you have a Child in Public School, you’re sending them into a Warzone!

Hate Crimes against White Students on the Rise (And this was in 2019)

A teacher for Hays CISD, south of Austin, Texas was arrested Friday afternoon after she beat the hell out of a 15-year-old girl in a classroom. Sadly, like most of these attacks, it will go unreported by the large corporate cable news networks because it doesn’t fit the agenda and it would be inconvenient to show what’s really going on in public schools throughout the United States.

The latest incident was caught on cell phone by students in the class, as CISD teacher Tiffani Shadell Lankford brutally attacked the girl.

Hate Crimes against White Students ignored & covered up by the Media and Public School Systems throughout the United States!

In schools throughout the United States, white students are being targeted in brutal hate crimes that go mostly unreported, and shockingly the terrorists thugs often go unpunished. In fact, schools throughout the United States have changed their disciplinary policies specifically to protect minority students from suspension and expulsion.

For instance, The Clark County School District in Nevada changed their disciplinary policies on the suspension and expulsion of minority students. Instead of holding these kids accountable for their crimes they commit inside Las Vegas schools, they decided to ignore the problem because suspending them was somehow racist.

This is what really happens in the schools that you send your children to…

In the attack above, not only did the school allow this kid to be attacked, they didn’t even bother to call him an ambulance or call his mother to let her know what happened – they just sent him home. His mother saved his life by bringing him to a hospital where they discovered a brain bleed requiring emergency surgery.

In Cleveland Ohio last month, a girl was targeted and brutally beaten in the halls of Mentor High School . During the assault, the attacker slammed the girl’s head into the floor, knocked her out, punched her several times and spat in her unconscious face. The school denies racial motivations, but had to cancel classes the next day because of the threat of more racially motivated violence.

The above attack from October 2019, is from a middle school in Moreno Valley, California. Three 12-year-old girls assaulted both the victim and the teacher. This fight came only a couple of weeks after another 13-year old student at this same middle school died after being sucker-punched by a “student”.

On November 5th, 2019, A 16-year-old girl at Bloomington Jefferson High School in Minnesota repeatedly stabbed another student in the halls of the school. The local media has not shown the video, so we included the local report above and a Spanish news station who showed the attack.

Over the last week in Charlotte, North Carolina there have been numerous fights between students and teachers.

And this week in Indiana…

And in Dekalb, Georgia we have a fight between students, staff, and cafeteria workers.


It’s happening everywhere – and this was written in 2019!

. . . . .

Time to take your Child’s Education OFF THE GRID!

On top of the dangers to your child’s health and safety, today’s school systems are also a danger to their future success.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 32 percent of fourth-graders and 24 percent of eighth-graders aren’t reading at a basic level. Fewer than 40 percent are proficient or advanced.

Today’s school system is more interested in pushing disgusting fantasies about how boys can be girls or 70 other genders than they are in actually teaching your child to be successful.

The most recent PISA results, from 2015, placed the U.S. at 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. But instead of trying to help our students improve in math, some schools are instead teaching that math is racist…

In Seattle instead of teaching kids their 1,2,3s; they are now “reformatting” math class into a social justice class where they teach your kids how math is racist — you can’t make this (stuff)) up!

Students will be taught how “Western Math” is used as a tool of power and oppression, and that it disenfranchises people and communities of color. They will be taught that “Western Math” limits economic opportunities for people of color. They will be taught that mathematics knowledge has been withheld from people of color.

Written for and published by Off Grid Survival ~ November 10, 2019

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