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The public school system my daughter is in was once one of the highest rated in Ohio. I went through this school system myself and have seen the drastic change. Here’s some background on what’s occurring that has our right-leaning community in an uproar, and even some middle-road lefties. The Director of Education – a “male college cheerleader” in his youth (seriously lol), changed the curriculum to meet common-core-type metrics about 6-7 years ago. Purchasing of new books, Chrome Books, equipment, etc. were made. The curriculum change eventually disconnected us from the apples-to-apples metrics the state and other education quality rating organizations use to gauge schools. Slowly each year our school system began rating lower, and lower by state standards…

At first it was one problem school with failing physical educations scores, and questionable history scores, etc. Then the cancer spread to all eight elementaries, three junior highs, and both high schools. This is an affluent small city, with many professionals. The teachers not only fail to use half the books, nor the Chrome Books at all (a total tech expense waste), they’re pretty much winging it, creating lessons that vaguely touch on points of the state tests with no lesson-plan road maps, but more so on the newly-formed curriculum’s metrics for aggregate semi-annual testing.

As it stands the entire school system – get this – scores an “F” in K-3 education. It really can’t get worse than that can it? In 2016 a levy was passed for $6-7 million for district upgrades, adding even more to already high city property taxes. If THAT wasn’t enough, Dr. Director Cheerleader is pining for a shot a School Board Superintendent now! So how is he trying to make his mark? Well, at the expense of the entire community no less. He’s redistricting the whole city, which makes no geo-graphical sense unless you look deeper to see how he’s taking the more affluent, higher scoring schools, and forcing some those kids to go to the lower scoring schools. The community (or what’s left of it), has asked for proof of the drivers behind the need for this change. None have been given and the complete run-around is what the community is given by school officials. Public meetings have been held, and since so many people were frustrated and angry, the school board made attendees write down their questions on pieces of paper to frame the entire discussion in the school systems favor, and control. Five different maps have been provided in the past three months, and they keep steering it towards the worst option that will literally up-root people’s lives. People who live literally 300′ from an elementary school for which they planned to have their kids attend, or currently do attend, are to be bussed 7 miles away. PEOPLE. ARE. TICKED. OFF!

Homes are hitting the market all over the place and people are moving out to other suburbs. Kid’s who’re best friends with their neighbors two roads over are now attending different school (which is the least of concerns). The city has had to get involved because of the logistical nightmare this will cause. The entire bussing staff is in an uproar, this WILL create rush hour grid-lock. The teachers, well they’re all union and leftish so they don’t give a damn except for their jobs being easier and better paid (part of the levy scam, which has now come out after the fact, they were sitting on a $3 million surplus they cooked the books to hide from public before passing levy). Much like how the presidential election used scare-tactics and dirty politics, it looks like there’s enough of them to potentially push this through.

The kids this system turns out are most definitely brainless drones. This is the final nail in the coffin for what once was tight-knit “community,” albeit still with plenty of back-stabbing suburbanites, but still functional, into city-wide educational dysfunction. So what’s happening? Homes are hitting the market at discounted prices, ghetto families are buying them up, crime is slowly rising, a complete societal disaster is looming on the horizon, driven primarily by one gayish cheerleader school administrator and his cronies, the teacher’s union, and the city shrugging its shoulders and following along. Sad, very, very sad. ~ G. Rock

NOTE: The above was originally posted as a comment in response to the author’s in-depth column, on Public Schools Are Brainwashing Factories For Children. You will find it well worth the read. ~ Ed.

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