The Indoctrination of our Children Begins Long Before College

The indoctrination begins in the public elementary schools. To give you an idea, CA passed a law requiring ALL public schools to teach LGBTQ acceptance in Public schools. That is ages 5-12, think about that. And they make it required. In my local area, many classrooms show clips of CNN and students are then asked to write about their thoughts on what they saw.

In 2016 students were given a Times for Kids article that portrayed the Democrat candidates as saviors, and the Republican candidates as criminals & racists. I kid you not. Public schools are indoctrination centers. Keep politics out of public schools. And if nothing is done, then its only going to get worse, as more kids are brainwashed. This should be child-abuse, but Democrats not only get away with it, but are cheered on by Leftist elites and news media. ~ Shawn M., You Tube, July 21, 2019

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