Forget education – We’re training future activists

Some university and college students would rather concern themselves with radical politics than concentrate on their studies. That’s the opinion of a conservative commentator and former university professor.

Earlier this month, the student government at the University of California, Berkeley approved a resolution donating funds for the migrant caravan from Central America seeking entrance into the U.S. After a four-hour meeting, the Associated Students at UC-Berkeley voted unanimously to contribute $1,500 to migrants’ “pursuit of asylum and safety.”

Dr. Carol Swain of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network says that’s not what higher education is all about.

“They should be focused on getting an education,” she argues, “but they come there acting as if they have some type of moral superiority above everyone else – and they seem hostile in their statements toward the U.S. as a whole as well as the university.”

The former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University says Berkeley itself should be admonished because its priorities are out of order.

“It just highlights the fact that universities have been so focused on diversity that they admit students who don’t have an interest in getting an education [and are] focused on their identity and where they came from,” Swain laments.

In fact, one of the premises in the student government’s resolution alludes to the priority given student activism on campus:

“… [T]his taxing and laborious efforts initiated by Central American students on campus compromises their ability to stay engaged with their schoolwork and upcoming exams which could potentially lead to academic distress in lieu of their activism and labor.”

That resolution directs that the funds will be donated to the nonprofit Freedom for Immigrants and allocated via Central Americans For Empowerment (a registered student organization on campus).

Written by Bob Kellogg for One News Now ~ December 18, 2018

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