The Unpoisoning of the US Educational System?

Cong. James G. Blaine, 1884

The passage of the Blaine Amendment* in 1970 destroyed the nationwide parochial school system.

Before that, working class parents could send their many children to the parochial school of choice and take the tuition off their taxes.

This paid for itself in the long run because the children excelled and went on to higher learning and professions that their parents could never reach.

But the public school officials recognized all the extra secularist propaganda and tax money they could control if they could include all those children in public schools.

And so it began.

The Board of Education claimed that it just was not fair that private school parents had an extra tax break that public school parents did not.

As if anyone stopped them.

Suddenly parents had to decide between children, who got private and who got public, eventually could not afford the tuition at all, the parochial schools folded, the public schools expanded, academics went down, and the teachers unions won.

Repeal the Blaine Amendment and let parents sent their children where they like.

The public schools are nothing but government indoctrination disasters. ~ Fleur-de-lis

* NOTE: What you have just read, was left as a comment on an an article posted at ZeroHedge on February 5, 2017. The reference to the Blaine Amendment (as I understand it) is actually misrepresented, as it was originated at least 75 years ago, but has its roots going back to the Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant, however in 1970 several state governments discussed or passed legislation that amended the ‘Amendment’, chiefly New York, Michigan, Ohio and Texas.

Additional information may be read at FindLaw. ~ J.B.

Blaine Amendment – Reconsidered (pdf)