Washington Senate approves education funding plan

OLYMPIA, Washington ~ The Senate has narrowly approved an education funding plan that seeks to replace local school levies with a statewide uniform rate earmarked for schools.

The chamber passed the Republican proposal on a 25-24 vote, with no Democrat – except one who caucuses with Republicans to give them their majority – voting in favor of it. The measure now heads to the Democratic-controlled House, where it will be negotiated as both sides continue to work toward a compromise.

Lawmakers are working to comply with a 2012 state Supreme Court ruling that they must fully fund the state’s basic education system. Lawmakers have already put more than $2 billion toward the issue since the ruling, but the biggest piece remaining of the court order is figuring out how much the state must provide for teacher salaries.

School districts currently pay a big chunk of those salaries with local property-tax levies.

Written for KIRO7 TV published by KIRO7 TV ~ February 2, 2017.

2012 state Supreme Court ruling that they must fully fund the state’s basic education system.”

No one has defined what constitutes *BASIC EDUCATION* but THEY vote to FUND it – FULLY FUND IT!!!!!! THEY spend OUR MONEY on something with no definition.

This is what happens when legislators and Judges ignore the words THEY write and speak. THEY always leave those *loopholes* to squirm out of.

Olympia HOT LINE: 1 – 800 – 562 – 6000 how to contact your legislators and let them know what you think of their open systems. ~ Jackie Juntti

The bill number is 5607 – that would be Senate Bill 5607

The word “charter” is mentioned in this bill 17 times. There is also a question of legality as this bill seeks to amend or change existing RCW’s without including the RCW text in the bill. The bill started out at 120 pages. It was totally substituted yesterday, in committee, and is now 129 pages. ~ Lynn

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