The Way We Were ~ The Way We Are

Once upon a time an ‘art’ form of writing was in vogue. It was called, “cursive” and it taught patience, the desire to make one proud of an accomplishment, and the completion of a task – in addition to being a true work of art….

Today, this is what our children are being told…

The student’s name is Alyssa and she is seven years old. Not only is her mother a military veteran but, she took the time to teach her very young child how to write in cursive… This is her teacher’s response…

What is wrong with today’s school system/society???

5 thoughts on “The Way We Were ~ The Way We Are

  1. Neal

    If I ever got a note from any of my son’s teachers warning me that he needed to stop writing in cursive I would have written my response entirely in cursive and hand delivered it to them. Upon handing it to them, (hopefully in front of the entire class), I would have asked, “What’s wrong, can’t you read English?”

  2. Mark

    I highly recommend David Horowitz’s latest book (I read everything he writes!) BIG AGENDA, subtitled President Trumps Plan to save America.

    Chapter 6 page 107: Ending Leftist Indoctrination in Our Schools and follows the spirit of this blog.

    Powerful Deplorable road-map too diminish, degrade, and destroy, what the Radical Left has done to America…our children and explains below what they have also done to – too many of our boys and men!

    WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE – If this offends you…you might be a PC pussy?

    PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization of the American Male ~ White Feather Press

    PUSS-I-FI-CA-TION: The act, or process, of a man being shamed, taught, lead, pastored, drugged or otherwise coerced or cajoled into throwing out his brain, handing over his balls and formally abandoning the rarefied air of the testosterone-leader-fog that God and nature hardwired him to dwell in, and instead become a weak, effeminate, mangina sporting, shriveled up little pussy. — From The Doug Giles 2016 Dictionary of: Grow the Hell Up, You Pussy!

    Doug Giles, best-selling author of Raising Righteous And Rowdy Girls and Editor-In-Chief of the mega-blog,, has just penned a book he guarantees will kick hipster males into the rarefied air of masculinity. That is, if the man-child will put down his Frappuccino; shut the hell up and listen and obey everything he instructs them to do in his timely and tornadic tome.

    In PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male, Giles takes ‘Crispin’ from the unaccomplished, prissy and dank corridors of ‘Pussville’ up the steep, treacherous and unforgiving trail that leads to ‘Mantown.’

    “Secretly, everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a pussy generation.” – Clint Eastwood

    Chapters include:

    – Four Signs You’ve Been Pussified
    – Bullies Love And I Mean, LOVE, Pussies. (Especially Big Government goons and Islamic radicals)
    – Dear Christian: You Might be a Pussy… but Jesus Ain’t
    – Business Owners Should Avoid Pussies Like the Plague
    – Real Women Hate Pussies
    – How Parents Can Avoid Raising a Pussy
    – Four ‘MUSTS’ For Males To Move From Pussville To Mantown

    This is definitely one of the most politically incorrect books to ever hit the market.

    It will most certainly offend the entitled whiners, but it will also be a breath of fresh air to young males who wish to be men versus hipster dandies.

    Paperback, 202 pages.

    Personally, I use to just find Metrosexuals comical…but now there are sooooooooo many of them prancing around taking selfies and wondering if their butts look too big in their skinny jeans…without a manhood clue…I want to bitch slap them to wake them up!

  3. Osh

    …my Dad’s cursive was every bit as beautiful as the above, and one step better—EVERY letter, EVERY word was entirely legible, at first glance…no guesswork…. He said they practiced writing in school. They’d spend hours making swirls, and loops, with paper and pen perfecting their handwriting skills….this was public school, and about third grade for him was somewhere around 1912..The Panama-Pacific Exposition was in 1915..close…and the skill never left him until the day he died…

  4. Jeffrey Post author

    I was informed this evening by my 7th grade granddaughter that she was recently told off by her teacher for writing her name in cursive.

    These children are doomed if WE don’t stand up to this evil system – by fighting back – NOW.

    1. Osh

      “…Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!…” Isaiah 5:20 KJV

      Jeff, you might have a little tete-a-tete with your granddaughter’s idiot teacher….Obviously the teacher needs to eat her own words….

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