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September 5, 2009 ~ It is now a major issue across America with folks finally saying NO to AKA and his indoctrination efforts toward our kids.

I have scanned over many of my news sources – have rec’d many emails from folks around the country – all being related to the UPROAR over AKA’s attempt to sway our Children to his ANTI-AMERICAN way of thinking. This is not a sit by in silence event – parents are up in arms – and – – – others are all bent over showing their kids how to bend over.

This AKA speech to our children while they are in classrooms is the same as his *town hall* meetings where the audience is VERY controlled – it is how AKA has learned to manipulate things for the TV cameras as well as the blind who sit in front of him as he reads from his infamous teleprompter.

It is a well known lesson of getting young children and teaching them the way that they should grow, and they will always return to it. That is in scripture – meant to have parents train their children in God’s way but the Anti-Christ side has taken that valuable teaching tool and turned it around to their advantage.

That is why Hillary was so vocal on It Takes A Village To Raise a Child. She was from the Village of The Damned and wanted to make sure OUR children would follow her training. AKA is now carrying that torch.

It isn’t who ‘you’ are – It is WHOSE you are ! ! ! !

September 5, 2009

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