America’s Adderall shortage deepens…

Now a SEVENTH company warns it’s running out of ADHD drug after sales rocketed during COVID

WARNING: The purpose of this post – is NOT to promote Adderall or any drug at all – but there were reasons that these drugs were given to our students as far back as the 1960’s. Back in those days, students were beginning to be labelled for not showing enough interest in what and how edjoocachun was being conducted… many students were showing signs of boredom and hence were being labelled as ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Back in the day – schools were being awarded funding of about $450.00 per month – PER student – to label students as such – and the public school system was then able to hire “Special” counselors to deal with those type children. Do you believe that things have changed in America?

In my case, I became so ‘bored’ that by the end of the third week of my Senior year of High School – I walked out and chose to join the military. WHY? Because – yes – I had become so bored with the early days of the baby-sitting mentality. It was becoming ‘mind-control‘ and there was no longer a challenge in the form that many of my mentor’s had spent so many years teaching us. Mrs. King, Mrs. Otis (she was HOT) – and my main mentor – the teacher whom this site has been dedicated to – Donald Adair.

If the system is trying to con your students into more drugs – get them OUT – NOW! ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Editor

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis is reporting shortages of the ADHD medication Adderall as a nationwide shortage of the medication continues to worsen.

Seven pharmaceutical companies including Novartis and Teva have reported shortages of both extended release and immediate release Adderall and its generic.

Supply issues have been brewing since the summer when patients began having trouble getting their prescriptions filled at their local retail pharmacies.

Seven pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis Sandoz, have reported shortages of both immediate release and extended release generic Adderall

The drug is an amphetamine used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Teva Pharmaceuticals, America’s leading producer of both name brand and generic versions of the drug, reported shortages of all doses of the generic medications.

This severely affects the roughly 2.5 million Americans who rely on medication such as Adderall to manage their ADHD. An estimated 8.4 per cent of children and 2.5 per cent of adults have ADHD, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

Havoc wreaked on the supply chain during the Covid pandemic, which caused shortages of many essentials ranging from toilet paper to baby formula, also affected pharmacists’ ability to fill prescriptions.

ADHD is most commonly diagnosed in children but prescriptions in young adults have exploded in recent years, in part due to the rise of tele-prescribers like Cerebral and Done Health.


ADHD Diagnoses are most common in school-age children who will appear to have trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviors , or be overly active.

Matt Blanchette, senior manager of retail communications at CVS Health told, ‘We’re aware of intermittent shortages of generic amphetamine medication in the supply chain and our pharmacists will work with patients who are prescribed this medication as needed.’

Meanwhile, Walgreens’ senior director of external relations Fraser Engerman said: ‘our teams continue to work with our supplier and distribution partners in an effort to help meet patient demand.’

He added, ‘We have seen some intermittent supply issues with the generic form of this drug and additional questions about availability should be directed to the drug’s manufacturers.’

Small pharmacies are also struggling to keep up with demand.

In a national survey by the National Community Pharmacists Association of about 360 independent pharmacies, 64 per cent reported a drug shortage in July and August.

ADHD is most often diagnosed in children and is characterized by impulsivity, inattentiveness, and/or hyperactivity so severe that it affects work and school.

Many of the millions of Americans who rely on a daily dose of Adderall or its generic have been sent into a panic when trying to fill their prescriptions.

For instance, a 37-year-old patient from New Jersey who has been on the medication for 12 years called 16 pharmacies over two days before learning it would be on backorder for two to three months, Vice reported.

The drug is meant to be a daily medication. Without it, people with ADHD have trouble completing daily tasks and finishing projects.

Prescriptions for the medication, which has an extremely high addiction potential and is often taken as a party drug, have soared in recent years.

Symphony Health reported prescriptions jumped from 15.5 million in 2009 to 41 million in 2021.

The explosion of prescriptions coincides with the rise of telehealth companies such as Cerebral and Done Health, which gained a foothold in the healthcare industry during the pandemic.

The companies have come under fire lately for overprescribing practices after former employees reported feeling pressure from higher ups to dole out the medication without adequate time to make a diagnosis.

In the face of scrutiny from the public and the Drug Enforcement Administration, Cerebral has stopped tele-prescribing many controlled substances, including for ADHD, but Done Health continues to do so.

Written by Cassidy Morrison Senior Health Reporter For Daily Mail – October 6, 2022

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