Toon: Schools Then, Schools NOW

“School days, school days,

Dear old golden rule days

Reading and writing and ‘rithmetic,

Sung to the tune of a hickory stick…”

Our public schools have changed, and not for the better. Ever since the Democrat President, Jimmy Carter, created the Department of Education in 1979, America’s education rankings have fallen. A generation ago, the United States ranked first in the world in higher education, today U.S. ranks near the bottom in a survey of students’ math skills in 30 industrialized countries.

Why? Does the US not spend enough helping teachers in instructing students?

The most recent numbers for K-12 spending reveal that the U.S. spends $14,891 per public school student per year, which totals $762 billion.

762 billion a year is spent on public schools.

And what are you getting for your hard earned tax dollars that fund schools?

Your children are being indoctrinated by the latest “woke” insanity.

Schools used to teach reading and math. Today math is “racist” and the reading is taught during “Drag Queen Story Hour” where an old man with excessive make-up and glittery low cut dresses, will read to your child while asking them if they would like to change their gender. You do not ask a child a question like that. If a child pretends to be a puppy and plays on all fours these people would try and turn the kid into a dog.

Take away the heavy make up, the blue wigs and the rhinestone dresses, and you will have a perverted old man who wants to prey on your children. Keep the freaks out of our schools, they can have their drag shows downtown for adults, they have no business around kids. The only reason they are around kids is because they want to groom them to become sexual playthings for demented souls. They want to destroy the family.

When did this all start and why? Who started the “drag queen story hour” and who funded it to what purpose?

Follow the money.

Parents everywhere have to be on alert for groomer teachers, who gleefully state on Tic Toc they are coming for your kids and are turning them trans with hormone blockers and woke indoctrination. Call out the groomers and run for your local school boards. Isn’t your child worth that?

Better yet, remove them from public schools and begin homeschooling with other neighbors. You will be doing your child a great favor.


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