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Keep them at home…

Technology today present a host of strange evils. Since 2020 it has been the lynch pin of government schooling. Young people are demanded to have devices connected to the internet. All instruction was done via the net during this time in some places.

It was a situation of enforced home schooling. The crucial difference being that the child was being taught by government teachers while being at home. As a result many parents witnessed the great evils being imposed on their children. The occult race war agenda has been in full swing this past decade. Many parents who retain common sense were amazed at seeing it. They have resolved to take their children out of government schools. They have decided to place them in the real home schooling environment.

Should The Government Run Education?
In the 19th century in England it was decided to provide education to everyone. And it was also made mandatory. This was to make sure that the common people were indoctrinated to love the British Empire. They were forced to attend schools which were supposed to do various things. They might be supposed to prepare one to be a citizen, or to do some kind of employment.

For many millennia people were doing very fine without mandatory government schools. There were guilds, associations, farmers, peasants, noblemen, religious institutions. In the 1800’s because of the increasing growth of industrialization, governments decided to develop work training programs.

The imposition of government schooling was to create obedient factory workers. This is why in government schools there is only one right answer to a test. Multiple choice tests have 4 options but only one right answer. Government schools are designed to create minds that think in only one way.

When they pass from grades 1 to 12 they can then go to university. This place is also largely run by the government. It too only allows for one view. It is a place of a single idea, a uni-verse, a single verse. It is a poem of a single line, which could be stated as, “Conform here and love your servitude.”

Since these government schools tend to produce people more foolish than before they entered them, they are not a benefit. It is especially clear today when government education has resulted in the crippling of several generations.

By forcing one single way of thinking upon many people these schools have sought to induce maximum compliance. The intention is to produce a populace which is submissive and servile to the state. All of this is done while proclaiming that the state serves the people.

Education cannot be left to the responsibility of the government. It cannot be left to the internet or to TV. For many years parents have given away their responsibility to others to raise their children. The consequences of this are beginning to show in the increased crime rates all over the world.

Home Schooling the Old Fashioned Way
In the old days school was not forced upon people. They could instead begin working from their youth. Government education advocates argue that young people must be educated. They believe that the only way to do this is through government education.

These are the same people who believe there is only one faith to believe in (secularism), and only one way to practice medicine (allopathic).

Advocates of government schooling suggest that only through government schooling will children learn how to socialize. On the contrary, attending government schooling will more likely teach children to be ruffians. They are placed in an environment of adults who are not invested in their best interests. The children begin to form cliques much like in the novel The Lord of the Flies.

The teachers are so often not interested in supervising the youths that are not their own offspring. Therefore many problems arise because the children run wild at every chance. Their only model of authority is the state. Politicians lie constantly. Attending government schools is a chance to spend 12 years learning how to lie.

On the other hand, if the children spend their days at home learning from their granddad it will be all to the better. Their granddad will know about life. He has been out on the farm and he knows about true living. If he has lived a life as an urbanite, then he should seek a farmer to teach his grandchildren.

There has been a misplaced faith in progress and modern values. This is why so many parents blindly believe that the system will take care of them. They blindly believe that the government will provide for them in their old age (pensions). They were led to this belief by their attendance in government schools.

If succeeding generations are to be self sufficient they must learn how to survive. This means learning how to hunt, how to herd animals, how to plant and grow a garden, how to navigate by the stars, and how to drive horses.

If we become dependent on modern technology we will be helpless dependents upon the state. It is a vicious cycle which can only be broken by some honest considerations.

Keep them at home…

Home Schooling for Survival
Government schooling only teaches one how to survive within the government system. This is why survival skills are not taught in that school system. The government school is only interested in creating servants to prop up the state. In a time of unravelling many of these people will be sacrificed by the system in a vain attempt to preserve it. If we are wise we will avoid sending our children to die to defend a system which does not truly value them.

In the 1930’s Audie Murphy helped his family survive by using his rifle to hunt wild game. A modern government school would not suggest today that a youth follow Audie Murphy’s example. Today the system would probably suggest that our modern youth seek food stamps. Self reliance is the complete opposite of what you will learn in a government school.

There are some exceptions such as when some government schools teach wood working or how to prepare food. These are essential skills which can just as easily be taught at home. If a young person lives in a house, they could be taught how to cook and how to make wooden furniture.

The government system caters to the lowest common denominator. They cater to those who do not live in a house, and who spend so much time working that they do not have time for their children. Can these really be good excuses for leaving the children in the hands of the government workers? In today’s environment, certainly not.

Things have become so terrible today that the only sane option is to educate the children at home. If the parents have any common sense they will realize that. Many will protest that they do not have the time or the energy to teach their children. These same people will always find the time to watch TV and play their video games, etc.

Continuing to ignore the problems of the public school system is not an option. We are rapidly approaching the point where the toxicity of the government schools will result in an implosion.

The coming years are certain to bring more trials and not less. By continuing to send children to public education parents are robbing their children of precious time that could be used on real education for survival.

The students of government education have been perishing for lack of knowledge for too long. The assumption of familial responsibility to educate the youth is critical for their survival. Home schooling is the only way that children will learn the necessary mental toughness to survive the coming decades.

Submitted to Kettle Moraine Publications by the author for republication.

Written by John Zibrem for Faith and Reason 451 ~ April 29, 2022

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