Not All Learning Is Done In A Classroom

5 Techniques For Raising A Fully Awakened Child

In some ancient cultures, the birth of a child was grieved.

It seems counter-intuitive to grieve life, but they believed the soul of the newborn child was wrenched from the spirit plane where truth and timelessness prevailed and forced into an existence of limitations and grief.

Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not. But children are a precious asset to this world.

The way we raise our children determines the kind of world that we live in. It’s important to know how to raise a fully conscious and awakened child.

1. Remember that you don’t own your children.
Parents tend to be possessive. I don’t think it has to do with ego so much as concern for safety, but it’s important to remember, as Khalil Gibran once said, that your children aren’t your children.

Instead, we should serve as springboards for our children to launch. We should support, not control.

2. Let your children teach you too.
When you ignore the wisdom your children have to offer, it teaches them not to bother communicating with and teaching others. Let your children bring out the best in you, and you’ll bring out the best in them too.

3. Create a positive environment, but…
There’s a huge facet of new age thinking that peace must always prevail, and I don’t exactly agree.

If we don’t teach our kids to stand up for themselves from time to time, they may get steamrolled in this life. At the same time, teach them how to create positive environments and invite people into them.

4. Spend real time with your children.
One of the greatest faults I see in parents today is talking to their children like they’re little babies and ignoring what their kids say and think.

I’m not saying talk to your kids like adults, but you’ll have sharp, open, sensitive and fully awakened children if you simply level with them about things, especially their curiosities.

5. Do your best to give them the life you wish you had.
In doing so, you’ll teach them to do their best to make the lives of others better than their own as well.

Written for and published by Higher Perspective ~ March 23, 2020

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