America’s Biggest Threat: Its Own Education System

For the most part, institutions of higher learning are producing sensitive and entitled individuals who believe: a) the world will end in 12 years due to environmental damage; b) socialism is a better economic system than capitalism and taxing the rich (capitalists) is a way to finance socialism; c) globalism is best and therefore the United States should shed its national sovereignty and have open borders; and d) the United States should be blamed for all of the world’s problems past and present.

These progressive-leaning graduates already run most of the country, applying their ideology across the board. They control most of what we see and hear. They control education, the media – social and mainstream, the entertainment industry, much of the legal profession and increasingly law enforcement. And by hook or crook, they are trying to take over the U.S. Government. Based on conservative values and the rule of law, the United States has thrived for over 250 years. But progressive ideology will wipe the slate clean, resulting in a paradigm shift in how this country operates and how its people think.

This evolution all emanates from the American education system.

For over a century progressive elites and global oligarchs have tried to control the American education system in order to dummy down and control the masses. To do this scientific social engineering has been gradually but systematically applied to our education: training people to think a certain way about what they are learning. This approach is meant to make people more homogeneous; people who think alike will be more docile and easier to control.

During the Clinton administration and particularly the Obama administration, the concept of having the government control the masses “cradle to grave” became quite fashionable. Arne Duncan, Obama’s secretary of education, actually declared, “Parents will have to be working two to three jobs in the future to support their families…Public schools will become the hub of every community open 24/7, providing meals and health care, and managed by a non-government organization.”

The brilliant article – The Untold History of Modern U.S. Education by Jamie Lee – explains in detail how we have gotten to this point of the past 120 years. The following chart summarizes the damage done and the condition of American education today.

In considering this chart, keep the following in mind:

* Especially since the 1960s progressive teachers at all levels have dominated the classroom.

* The cornerstone of today’s education is multiculturalism and diversity, two noble goals. But the tool used to teach these concepts, is identity politics which pits heterosexual white Christian males (oppressors) against everyone else – women and minorities – (the oppressed). From an early age this narrative is ingrained in the minds of students.

* Multiculturalism is thus presented in a divisive, divide-and-conquer way. If the teaching approach to this is solely left, the young impressionable mind either has to accept unconditionally the identity politics narrative or has to struggle to figure out alternatives. If conservative views are restricted or discouraged – as they are in most educational institutions – conservative thinking has little chance of existing which is precisely the goal of most institutions. Progressive ideology rules the campus roost. Consequently when conservatives try to express their views – speakers, Republican clubs, etc. – they are bullied down not in peaceful fora, but violent encounters.

~ American Education Today ~

Grades K – 12

* The United States spends more money on education than any other country but ranks 39th in math and 24th in both the sciences and reading. (1)

* Public schools are run by progressive unions and college-graduated teachers

* They emasculate boys, remove distinctions between sexes and cultivate a variety of genders (2, 3)

* They reward everyone with trophies and minimize success – tall poppy syndrome (4)

* They instill a feeling of entitlement and not the need to earn respect, reputation and prosperity

* They claim the history of the United States is racist, imperialistic and the cause of world problems (5)

* College professors do not think high school graduates are ready or prepared for college (6)

Colleges and Universities

* Progressive educators indoctrinate students with their one-sided left ideology (7)

* Institutions restrict free speech to ensure indoctrination remains unchallenged (8)

* Of 440 institutions reviewed by FIRE, only nine percent did not restrict free speech (8)

* Private institutions limit free speech more than public schools (8)

* Most private colleges and universities maintain policies that prohibit the very speech they promise to protect (8)

* There is a clear separation between intellectual and moral teaching. Academic freedom has eliminated the traditional emphasis on the character building (9)

* Students are weakened by forbidding confrontational situations that disagree with the ideology being taught, providing safe zones and countering micro-aggressions (10)

* One-sided teaching discourages debate and results in a lack of critical thinking

* Institutions have lowered their grade and acceptance standards to accommodate a more diverse student body and to compensate for sub-par high school performance (11 AND 11 AND 11)

* The environment is weaponized to instill fear and discredit several American strengths (12)

* Entitlement leads to socialism and dependence on government versus capitalism and individual strength

Collegiate Costs

* The average cost of a college degree has soared over 3,000% in the last 50 years (13)

* 45 million Americans owe over $1.56 trillion in student loan debt (14)

* It takes a graduate 10 – 25 years to pay off a student loan (15)

* 70% of college graduates leave school with student loan debt that averaged $38,000 (16)

* 27 states saw a double-digit percentage increase in average graduate debt from 2012-2017 (17)

* Tuition expenses go to DADS: Deans and provosts, Amenities like safe zones and counseling, Dubious content courses and Sports programs – not to improve quality of education (18)

* The more expensive private institutions tend to restrict free speech more than public universities

* When they graduate, the average student loan borrower has over $37,000 in loans – a $20,000 increase from 13 years ago (19)

* The Federal Reserve Board found that student loans has led to a decrease in home ownership

* NerdWallet predicts that students who graduated from college in 2015 will have to delay retirement until the age of 75

* Citizens with high levels of student debt are less able to invest in their local communities

Quality of Education

* Professors see themselves as purveyors of intellectual skills, not job training

* Colleges and universities have lowered their acceptance and grading standards to accommodate diversity. In 1965, the average Dartmouth GPA was 2.7 and now is 3.4. The most frequent grade given at Harvard is “A”

* For the past seven years employers have complained that finding qualified college candidates is becoming increasingly difficult

* The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) and Hart Research Associates: Employers say they believe graduates lack teamwork skills, critical thinking skills, written and oral communication skills, and the ability to apply knowledge skills in real-world settings. (20 AND 20)

Results of Education

* The Institute of Education Statistics estimates that 40 percent of attendees fail to complete a full degree program

* Lower teaching standards results in inferior education at a higher cost

* Employers believe college graduates are not properly skilled to enter the workforce

* estimates that an average trade school graduate will make about $42,000 per year.

* Over 30 years, the difference in salary income between the trade school graduate and average four-year college graduate is $90,000. But the trade school graduate enters the workforce two years earlier. Thus at age 52 (after 30 years in the workforce versus 32 for the trade school graduate), the college graduate will only be ahead by $6,000 on lifetime income, excluding repayment of the student loan (21)


* The highest paying jobs are STEM-related jobs, such as engineering and the physical sciences, which are less likely to be influenced by college indoctrination

* The lowest paying jobs are those in social and political areas that are influenced by college indoctrination

* Careers in the social and political areas also suffer from the highest unemployment – only three of the top 20 occupations in these fields has an unemployment rate lower than the national employment rate

* An average of over 70 percent of graduates in the social and political areas feel underemployed – they are not using their collegiate knowledge and skills (22)

* 79% of men and 72% of women say they are underemployed because of their education and training going to waste (22)

* Underemployed workers begin to disengage from their jobs, resulting in sub-par performance, further damaging future job prospects (22)

* Conversely, the relatively high growth rates and income levels of community college-based jobs is because of the specialized nature of many of the degrees. Community college students often study disciplines in which they develop skills that are readily applicable in the marketplace

The Graduating Millennial

* Graduates are under-qualified for the work place

* Colleges and universities are producing sensitive and entitled individuals who believe:
* They are smarter than they really are
* The world will end in 12 years due to environmental damage
* Socialism is a better economic system than capitalism
* They are entitled to government support throughout their lives
* Taxing the rich (capitalists), currently is a way to finance socialism
* Globalism is best and thus the United States should sacrifice its national sovereignty for open borders
* The United States should be blamed for all of the world’s problems past and present
* They oppose America the way it has, and currently exists

Final Note

According to the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce by 2020, 65 percent of all jobs in the American economy will require education beyond high school. Currently about 33 percent of American adults possess a bachelors degree. If a college education is required for these jobs, is the current educational model the right way to go? Or can we do better?

Written by Robert A. Taft for Western Free Press ~ November 19, 2019

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