Common Core: The Fundamental Transformation of America

Our children are our most precious resource, our most prominent responsibility and the future of this society, if we fail them … We fail America and humanity itself.

Yet we have allowed corporatist entities of all persuasions, and corrupt and complicit government officials to hijack the most vital aspect of said responsibility … their education.

No longer is free thinking rewarded as a mechanism of success, now being vanilla, blending in, or being a part of the herd is promoted. The intent is to facilitate through Common Core a generation of followers not leaders who would in turn NOT challenge the system, but mindlessly conform to and perpetuate the system.

The title itself “Common Core” should immediately set off warning bells, it sounds like something straight out of a Communist handbook, when in actuality it is the product of a Corporatist handbook.

There is very little common about children other than maybe their age and a few likes and dislikes. Children are individuals every bit as much as you and I, each with their own identity, personality, strengths, and weaknesses. So why the hell are they teaching our children to be Common?

The concept of one size fits all education should raise huge red flags! Even if the curriculum is worthy ( it is anything BUT worthy), we do a serious injustice by forcing every child to conform to the expected norms of the average. There are those who would excel, just as there are those who would lag behind. But through this mechanism of forced conformation those who would excel in one subject or another, are frustrated and relegated to this concept of conformity forever damaging their initiative and drive to excel … settling into a pre-programmed society of passive and obedient citizen consumers.

Bill Gates, via the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, has spent well over $200,000,000 (some say the actual amount is many times this) so far on the institution and implementation of Common Core. The only thing he has spent more money on is abortion and population control (reduction) via a global vaccination program that is under serious legal fire in several countries, for sterilizing women in third world nations, without their knowledge or consent … Yea this is one of the key individuals very high up in the Common Core food chain, and by his global track record of subterfuge and deceit … you have to know … this ain’t good!

What we put forth here is the vital need for a serious push back against the concept of Common Core, its destruction of the will to excel, its destruction of the concepts of individualism, its destruction of the idea of free thought and self determination, and Its blatant and intentional Dumbing Down of our children to an end that serves a few all powerful oligarchs.

You are now presented with several great Must See videos that continues our all out push back against Common Core … because anything less than a concerted push back … IS NOT ENOUGH !!!

100 – Year-Old Math Teacher Slams The ‘Common Core’ Method

Let’s continue with a viral video from an angry mother that has decided enough is enough!

The Who and Why of Common Core … as in who is behind it (money & clout), and what is its true (intended) intention/goal …

Parents: Get rid of Common Core, and it is replaced by the same thing with a different name. Shift to charter schools, and the government will use the financial purse strings to dictate curriculum. The only way to stop this is to cut the federal financial ties to the education of our children. Then, each state will answer to the parents. To save America, we must save one child at a time. It starts with the education of our children. Join the cause. ~ Rosemary Stein, M.D.

Researched and written by Roger Landry for The Liberty Beacon ~ November 28, 2018

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