A person asked why admire an army that never won a war?

It was an army that emerged out of thin air. Underfed, underpaid, poorly shod, clothes in tatters, fought 4 years and bled their enemy dry while defending their homes, churches, schools, farms, families and communities from an invading force that outnumbered them in men and material.

They froze in the winter and roasted in the summer heat. Ate dust on marches of 20 miles a day for days, many without shoes. When the north started recruiting foreigners, they fought on against the mercenaries. Afterwards they rebuilt their country with no help and sent their sons and grandsons to fight for their former enemies.

Admire? The word isn’t adequate.





In the course of human history, no men did more with less, against greater odds, for as long, as these brave men!

Festus Allcock
November 16, 2018

4 thoughts on “Honor…

  1. Lance Spivey

    That’s an amazing tribute; simple but tear-jerkin’… Those men were the epitome of Honor; they were courage incarnate.

  2. Boz

    They had a clear vision of what and why they fought. We have more information than any human can possibly process. Our cause is not clear in most cases. We know there is corruption and that it extends to the deepest part of the government: pervasive. We look for the snakes head and discover is Hydra.

    Where should we begin?

    With the children, of course. Learn the truth. It is there to be discovered.

  3. Sally

    Great article. Only those who have no honor and will never know the meaning of the word can not admire those who fought to defend home and hearth, even when hope of victory was gone.

    Few armies can compare with the brilliance and ferocity of the Confederate solider. One should acknowledge that its men could not stay in the field without the unending support of their women folk who supported them, despite the hardships they had to endure.

    As for the North, a greater hoard of vileness, hatred, and greed rarely has been seen. Little doubt the SS studied Yankee occupation methods.

  4. Jeffrey Post author

    …and what is not acknowledged – is that these men fought for Freedom from an oppressive, money-hungry government – all the while the enemy was ravaging their homes, their women and their children.

    The state of Texas is getting ready to up-the-ante on this 157 year old travesty in their public schools – and it won’t be good. Apparently – they are going to teach their indoctrinated students the reconstructed version.

    My anger grows and I believe that the time is coming for me to write my story…


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