Steel ~ The South Was Right

“I maintain that if the issue of this struggle had from the outset been manifest to the whole world, not even then ought Athens to have shrunk from it, if Athens has any regard for her own glory, her past history, or her future reputation.” ~ Demosthenes

It was near the end of our studies of this period of American history, that we were to put on a series if vignettes depicting various moments of that four year period. When it came time to cast the roles of the two Generals who were to meet at Appomattox Court House on that day in April of 1865, I was asked, “Which General would you like to portray Jeff?” My answer instinctively was, “General Lee.”

The point I wish to emphasize it that during that year with Mr. Adair, I was given two gifts; the first being that in the fifth grade – I learned the truth about what I have always called, the ‘War of Northern Aggression,’ and secondly – to never end your quest for the TRUTH – no matter the cost… and now this treasure of a forgotten book by S.A. Steel, which supports so much of my life’s studies. In the year 2015, I was privileged to republish this book.

Well, well, well – what you are about to read will give the reader a different take on the REAL cause of the War! We will now have a better understanding of the lies perpetrated by Mr. Lincoln. We know the true reason for “saving the Union” – and the enslavement of all ‘subjects’ within said dis-union – was the object. It would appear that Mr. Lincoln won his war after all – but The South Was Right!

“We had, I was satisfied, sacred principles to maintain, and rights to defend, for which we were in duty bound to do our best, even if we perished in the endeavor. … If it were all to be done over again, I would act in precisely the same manner.” ~ General Robert E. Lee

Written by a man who was twelve years of age at the beginning of the atrocities and written forty-nine years after the end of the war. Enjoy a real piece of Americana and remember the way it really was in our two nations – and the REAL reasons that eleven states chose to leave the Union – and how the Constitutional provisions allowed this to happen. ~ J. Bennett, Editor and Publisher

The South Was Right, S.A. Steel (pdf)