The Last Trench

This weekend was a busy one… but no – nothing outdoors, as it is still too damned hot. I have spent hours moving my office and studio around to a degree, getting caught up on long-ignored files, and then less than an hour ago I was reviewing some old broadcasts and landed upon one which I had never re-aired nor re-listened to – and was totally shocked.

I no longer broadcast with the network which I shared this commentary on, but this recording goes back to April of 2009. I hope that each of the Groups on Facebook who I am proud to belong to will appreciate OUR history… and yes – even though I was born just North of the Land of Lincoln – I KNEW from an early age – the TRUTH – and it is MY history as well!

For those who come to this site for an expansion of your ‘education’ – stay with us, as you hear a different story than that which you have heard in the past. Yes – it is OUR history, it is YOUR  history – and it the history of America. Those who choose to destroy the memorials and cemeteries in this nation today – will never understand.

Without Apology, I am…

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