2 thoughts on “Offer of Support to Refugees of Boston & Charleston

  1. Rick Bonner

    I LOVE seein’ my man’s name – “W. SPOONER” – in writin’; he’s a fiery, Lively fighter FOR Nature, The Law o’ Nature, and Nature’s God. (Plusk…., I loves ‘spoonerisms’, too!)
    And too…, People – especially Americans – don’ NEED no court (stinkin’ or udderwise) to TELL ’em, by decree…, to treat “theirs, or Mister Roger’s neighbors”, whit “…Humanity an’ Tendernefs…”; there’s ALWAYS room at the fire, vittles table, and work place for kindred spirited Brudder’n or Cistern. Be that Brer’ or Sister a swaddlin’ babe, chi’-ill’, ah’most growed up, adult, or aged. (There be Room, that is, unless…, youse happens ta be an abysmally deep, dark-black lucy-fairy-an scumbag, in which case(s), we runs ’em outta town on a rail; tarred, feathered and or lit; whichever is warranted by their scumbaggery.)
    An’ we Americans don’ REQUIRE no God damned “reimburfments” (or, no God damned re-embaraffiments) seein’ as how wheeze “… share and shares alike”…; it “go whiddout sayin’.”
    And Further…, it ought not to make no never-mind, an’ DON’ make no never-mind, that Folk be from Boston or Charleston…, whichever neck o’ dee woo-uds youse beeze from – so long as it’s from an American neck o’ dee woo-uds (an’ youse also NOT an aforementioned lucy-fairy-an scumbag) – youse be MOST welcome in ANY o’ these here now parts.
    And…, let it be a motion before the Assembled People: that We The People don’ NEED no Court (stinkin’ er udderwise) to administer “Juftice an’ Compaffion” to our fella Countrymen an’ Wimenz; seein’ as how We does that, too…, on Our Own.

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