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The so-called advanced education of “Higher” learning. Oh yes my children… go ahead and get a Batch Degree in Fine Arts and spend the rest of your lives fighting to get a job as a dishwasher at McDonald’s. Oh – that’s right – they don’t need any dishwashers! Then – become a “teacher” instead – and YOU too can indoctrinate the future generations of dumbed-down idiots. (Our apologies to REAL teachers)

Oh what the hell has happened to the people of this declining Empire?

Forget education – We’re training future activists

Some university and college students would rather concern themselves with radical politics than concentrate on their studies. That’s the opinion of a conservative commentator and former university professor.

Earlier this month, the student government at the University of California, Berkeley approved a resolution donating funds for the migrant caravan from Central America seeking entrance into the U.S. After a four-hour meeting, the Associated Students at UC-Berkeley voted unanimously to contribute $1,500 to migrants’ “pursuit of asylum and safety.” Continue reading

Why America Shouldn’t Make College ‘Free

                         ‘FREE’ from Col. Sanders

How often are we told by our friends on the left that America ought to follow the lead of Europe, specifically western Europe, and make college “free”? Pretty often, by my reckoning.

In the waning years of my community college teaching days a student raised that very matter on the first day of class. Obviously, it was much too early in our teacher-student relationship for me to know anything about his politics—or for him to know anything about mine. (Actually, mine were kept as much to myself as possible from the first day of class to the last.) But he soon proved himself to be very much on the left. As time went by, he also demonstrated that he was a very solid student, a polite and engaging young man, and a valuable member of the class.

So just what was his question? Continue reading

Conservative Students Feel Pressure To Self-Censor To Succeed On Campus

“Student learning is derailed when students perceive a need to censor their beliefs or write on an exam what they think a professor wants to hear.”

A new study reveals that conservative college students cope with left-leaning professors by self-censoring during class discussions and parroting their professors’ political views on homework assignments.

The study, “Students’ Religiosity and Perceptions of Political Bias: Some Empirical Lessons for Sociology Professors,” was led by Jeremiah Wills, a political science professor at Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina. Continue reading